Caterpillars Too!

Black swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes asterius) on parsley, July 9, 2003,
Warren County, North Carolina, courtesy of George Neece.

What did you find in the garden today, or crawling across the driveway or munching a leaf at the edge of the woods?

George Neece wanted to know, and now he does!

What did one of your children bring home? Were you asked, "Can we keep it?" or "What kind of butterfly is this?"

Now you can say, "Yes, it's a monarch. They're easy to rear. Let's go find some milkweed."

This site is dedicated to curious nature-lovers, especially those with nurturing hearts!

This site represents literally thousands of hours of research and webpage design. It is a compilation of information and images from many sources.

This site hosts pages for over 400 butterfly species from Canada and the United States.

County by county/parish by parish/region by region distributions maps are also being developed for each state or province.

Members-Only Area!

While most butterfly sites feature images of adult butterflies, the emphasis on this site is the depiction of butterfly caterpillars (larvae) with information regarding their habits, foodplants, normal ranges, etc.. Of course, the adult butterflpies are depicted, too. The photography of Leroy Simon is featured on the site, but many others are also contributing images and information.

Battus philenor philenor, Florida, courtesy of Leroy Simon

Special tips in rearing articles should enable even the youngest enthusiast to successfuly aid found-caterpillars in their magnificent development into adult butterflies.

It is a bug-eat-bug world out there, so taking a few butterfly larvae home to rear to adulthood may be a life-saving experience!

All of the butterfly species of Canada and United States are listed with many adults and caterpillars depicted. If you can't find a picture of your caterpillar in the state-by-state and province-by-province listings, online help is available via

This is a membership site. There is a one-time-life-time membership fee of $20.00 U.S. to cover expenses (camera, scanner, computer, internet time, etc., and time involved with pulling together information from many resources).

To become a member, send me the one time life time membership fee of $20.00 U.S. and an email statement that you will keep access information confidential. Upon receipt of both, I will send you access information.

Bill Oehlke
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If you are not really into butterflies and/or moths and/or caterpillars but have encountered an interesting "creature", I do provide online help. This is a free service, but I would be pleased to accept a donation of $1.00 if I have correctly identified your caterpillar. I have been getting so many requests of late, that it is hard to keep up.

Online help is available via can help with most large caterpillars from North America, but you need to send me an image (geography also) or give a good description including geography, size, colour, markings, horns, spines, etc. I can also help with most large caterpillars (over 2 inches, 5 cm) from all over the world.

The donation is not required and I will not ask you for it in my reply, but if you would like to send one, here is my address:

Bill Oehlke
Box 476, 155 Peardon Road
Montague, Prince Edward Island
Canada C0A 1R0

U.S. banknotes are fine. I do have internet airtime expenses and I have a daughter at university.

To see samples of my work, visit my free sites:

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Vanessa tameamea, Hawaii, head to the left, courtesy of David Preston.