Catocala blandula

Catocala blandula
kah-TOCK-uh-lahm BLAND-yuh-luh
Hulst, 1884

Catocala blandula, Buffalo County, Wisconsin,
July 16, 2014, Marcie O'Connor, tentative id by Bill Oehlke.

Marcie O'Connor and I have determined the specimen above to be Catocala blandula because of strong presence of dark brown scaling in basal area. It could be Catocala mira, but I would expect mira to be lighter and greyer in same area.

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Superfamily: Noctuoidea
Family: Noctuidae
Group: Noctuinina
Subfamily: Catocalinae
Genus: Catocala, Schrank, 1802


"Moon River"
copyright C. Odenkirk

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