Catocala briseis

Catocala briseis
W.H. Edwards, 1864

Catocala briseis, 64mm, Canyon Creek, Ravalli, Montana, August 17, 2009, courtesy of Travis Koch.

Catocala briseis, 64mm (verso), Canyon Creek, Ravalli, Montana, August 17, 2009, courtesy of Travis Koch.

Diagnostic Characters:

Wingspan: 60-70mm

Forewing dorsal surface:
1) the "teeth" of the postmedian line are not greatly elongated; except for the longest "tooth", the others are generally greatly reduced
2) there is usually a prominent, whitish, inward lining of the dark subterminal line
3) there is usually some yellowish-brown scaling in the area between the pml and the stl below the longest projection of the pml
4) the distinct subreniform spot is large, generally constricted as it joins the pml

Hindwing dorsal surface:
1) the black median band tapers as it reaches all the way to the inner margin
2) there are some dark hairs in the basal area, generally darkest along the veins
3) white fringe is heavily checked in black along veins

Forewing ventral surface:
1) the black postmedian/marginal band continues almost to the apex, fading to grey just before the apex.

Hindwing ventral surface:
1) the basal area is clear salmon except for the first two sections (sometimes the third) below the costa
2) the discal lunule is thick from the median band to the intersection with the first wing vein, becoming much thinner (just a wisp) as it angles to the next vein
3) the small area between the lunule and the median band is also salmon
4) the first four wing sections below the costa, between the black median band and the black marginal band are usually white, sometimes with a light suffusion of salmon in the third and/or fourth section down.

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Superfamily: Noctuoidea
Family: Noctuidae
Group: Noctuinina
Subfamily: Catocalinae
Genus: Catocala, Schrank, 1802


"Moon River"
copyright C. Odenkirk

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