Catocala ilia

Catocala ilia
(Cramer, 1776) Phalaena ilia

Catocala ilia, Windsor, Ontario, courtesy of Maurice Bottos.

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Superfamily: Noctuoidea
Family: Noctuidae
Group: Noctuinina
Subfamily: Catocalinae
Genus: Catocala, Schrank, 1802


"Moon River"
copyright C. Odenkirk

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I particularly enjoy the "face" on the thorax of the C. ilia (left) from Windsor, Ontario, courtesy of Maurice Bottos.

The diffuse double antemedian line, surrounding a creamy-grey central area, is accentuated by dark scaling. There is a black dash in the median area, cutting through the midpoint of the am line and extending briefly into the median area.

The reniform spot is inwardly yellowish, outlined in grey and then surrounded by white. The subreniform spot is visible (yellowish grey) in the typical form. I would describe it as closed, but it is connected to the pm line by an elongated "tail".

The three upper teeth of the pm line have black tips, This feature, combined with the dark patch along the outside of the reniform spot up to the costa, and a slightly darker upper tooth on the subterminal line suggest a faint dark arc.

The subterminal line is distinct, inwardly bordered by white, especially toward the innner margin. An additional toothed grey line separates the brownish grey scaling from the whitish scaling in the subterminal area.

There is dark scaling along the hindwing inner margin, particularly in the basal area. There is some bleeding of the salmony orange colouration of the hindwing, becoming pale yellow-orange in the outer margin. Whitish fringe is heavily checked with black.

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