October 2002: I haven't seen any Catocala this month on P.E.I.

I've been busy creating some identification keys which should help to distinguish closely marked specimens. Go to Identification Keys to access new files and images. Eastern species with yellow or black hindwing bands have been covered.

September, 2002: My Giant Silkmoths of Prince Edward Island website is my first posted work and resides at

Since the initial venture with Saturniidae in 1998, I have developed several other lepidoptera websites, all linked to the URL listed above.

Now it is time for the Catocala or Underwing Moths. This site will hopefully develop as one that will not only help with identification of these beautiful moths, but will also provide useful information as to the rearing and collecting of members of this genus.

This section will serve as an indication of new postings to the overall site so you can be aware of monthly updates which will be entered at the top of the page.

The site is still in its infancy as I am typing up files and researching species, always looking for images. The Catocala are still flying on Prince Edward Island (September) and I expect to see them til near the end of the month.

Captured female concumbens and relicta have oviposited in brown paper grocery bags.

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