Agrius cingulata

Agrius cingulata
The Pink-spotted Hawkmoth

Agrius cingulata Chile, courtesy of Carolina Guzmán Cardenas.

Agrius cingulata Chile, courtesy of Carolina Guzmán Cardenas.

On February 1, 2005, I received the following email from Carolina Guzmán Cardenas of Chile:

"Hello, I'm Carolina Guzmán and I resently found your site.

Last January I found an Agrius cingulata in the north coasts of my country, precisely in Hornitos Bay, located 100 km north of Antofagasta, second region of Chile.

My curiosity is related to the fact that in Hornitos, there are no plants or flowers, except for the flower of the cactus San pedrito, that open at night. I was thrilled by the presence of this magnificent specimen, but, now that I'm searching on it, I could not understand what was she doing there. If you could help me to explain this incident, please write me back."

I wrote back to Carolina:


Very beautiful images. Can I use them with credit to you on my website??

This species is a strong flier with migratory tendencies so it may have been just flying through and was looking for some moisture or flower nectar which it can imbibe through its coiled feeding tube. They are sometimes found even far out at sea."

Carolina provided the following additional information:

"I be glad to share these images with you and all the people that visit your site. I'm impressed with the migratory fact. Here I send you the information about the exact location, day and hour.

Location: "Hornitos" Bay, Antofagasta, Chile´s second region of other thirteen. This bay is located in the coast of Atacama desert, so there are no plants or trees, only a few cactus (San Pedritos) that have a once in a year flower that blossoms at night.

Date: January 8, 2005
Hour: 2:30 a.m aprox."

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