Sphingidae of Argentina

Cordoba Provincial Checklists

Hyles euphorbiarum female, Los Altos, Rio Ceballos, Cordoba, Argentina,
November 26, 2007, courtesy of Nigel Venters

As of October 2007, this list has been confirmed by the L.O.L.A. publication Hawkmoths of Argentina, More, Kitching and Cocucci, 2005.

Below the checklist for Cordoba are links to checklists for the other provinces.

Nigel Venters writes December 16, 2007, "Here is some info on the species I caught in Cordoba Province. Actually the species are really only just starting to emerge as the rains only started in the last week I was there. Before that it was very hot and dry. When I was there in Dec/Jan a couple of years ago, there were many more species flying.

"All Data: Los Altos, Rio Ceballos, Cordoba Province, Argentina. 31 degrees 10 mins South, 64 Degrees 19 minutes 60 Seconds W. Altitude 729 meters.

"Callionima grisescens. 2M & 1 F, not common (19/11 to 21/11/07)
Erinnyis ello. Common (11/11 to 10/12/07)
Eumorpha analis. 3M &3F, not common (8/12 to10/12/07)
Hyles euphorbiarum. 1F 26/11/07 (The only one I saw!)
Manduca rustica. 1M 8/12/07
Manduca diffissa. Very Common (11/11 to10/12/07)
Sphinx maura 2M &1F not common (19/11 to 10/12/07)
Xylopanes tersa common (11/11 to 10/12/07

"As for the Hyles euphorbiarum larvae: Hostplants, the adult laid extremely well on Fuchsia, (864 ova in all over 2 weeks). The larvae hatch in around 5 days, and first instar larvae are pale green, with a black horn and head. Under a glass you can see they are very lightly dusted in black spots. The second instar are completely black, with a single line of large golden yellow round spots down the body along each shoulder (Typical position of Hyles spots) I have them feeding on Fuchsia, Plantain (Plantago lanceolata), Galium (G. aparine & G. verum), and Euphorbia mellifera."

Nigel encountered the Hyles lineata larva (below) feeding on Epilobium. It eventually transferred to Cissus, pupated, and then emerged as a beautiful female.

Hyles lineata fifth instar, Cordoba, Argentina, courtesy of Nigel Venters.

Hyles lineata pupa (three views), Cordoba, Argentina, courtesy of Nigel Venters.

Hyles lineata female, Cordoba, Argentina, courtesy of Nigel Venters.

Nigel has also sent very nice images of Hyles euphrobiarum larvae, instars 3-5, from Cordoba. They are included in the H. euphorbiarum file.

This page is dedicated to Nigel for his ongoing contributions (images and data) of the Sphingidae of Cordoba, Argentina.


Agrius cingulata
Manduca bergi
M. diff. diffissa
M. diff. mesosa
Manduca jordani
Manduca rustica
M. sexta paphus WO?
M. s. saliensis WO?
Manduca undata
Neogene albescens
Neogene reevei
Sphinx maura



C. grises. grisescens
Erinnyis alope
Erinnyis domingonis
Erinnyis ello
Erinnyis impunctata
Erinnyis lassauxi
Er. obscura
Er. oenotrus
Isog. caricae
Pachylia ficus


Eumorpha analis NV
Eumorpha labruscae
Eumorpha vitis


Hyles euphorbiarum
Hyles lineata
Xylophanes schreiteri
Xylophanes t. tersa

San Juan
Santiago del Estero

Entre Rios
Buenos Aires

La Rioja
Santa Fe
San Luis
La Pampa
Rio Negro
Santa Cruz
Tierra del Fuego

Manduca rustica rustica, Cordoba, Argentina, courtesy of Dr. Carlos Marzano.

Dr. Marzano writes, "Le escribo desde Argentina para aportar a su pagina el dato de Manduca rustica que existe en nuestro pais la toma se hizo el provincia de Cordoba en horas de atardecer."

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