Sphingidae of Argentina


Aellopos titan titan, Ibera Marsh, Corrientes, Argentina,
November 17, 2007, courtesy of Linda Terrill, Amateur Naturalist and photographer,
some digital restoration of thoracic hairs by Bill Oehlke.

Linda Terrill writes, "With sincerest complement on your amazing web presence and appreciation for the photos your site has assisted me in identifying, I attach for your interest (or not) a photo of what I suspect to be an Aellopos titan that I photographed in the Ibara marshes of Argentina in November 2007. Your comments at your convenience would be greatly appreciated. Should you be interested, there are a couple more pictures where that came from, that I cannot ID, from Argentina and Ecuador."

,h3>I responded, "Happy to try to help with ids of any Saturniidae or Sphingidae from Argentina and/or Ecuador. There is an Ibera Marsh in Corrientes Province in Argentina. Is that the marsh you refer to?? Possibly the marsh also extends eastward into Misiones??

"Yes, the moth is Aellopos titan titan, and I request permission to post it with credit to you. If you have a more precise date and location, that would be excellent. Glad the site was helpful.

"If you can be precise with the data, especially to province level for Argentina and Ecuador, that would be great. Geography helps to separate some of the very similar species. I have more refined checklists on my home computer and can id almost all of the South American Sphingidae and Saturniidae. The Saturniidae are my specialty."

"Thanks so much for the quick reply! I'd be absolutely delighted to have you use my (credited-thank you!) picture on your website. It was taken on November 17, 2007, in the Ibara Marsh area of Corrientes Province in Argentina, not too many miles from the Missiones Province border. We stayed in a cabin at the Lodge Irupe (on Hwy 41 on the south-east side of the marsh area) for three days and birded (our first passion and the crux of the amazing 2-week trip), and I took this shot during that time span."

I have added A. titan to the Corrientes list based on Linda's image.

I am very happy to receive electronic images and data for Sphingidae and Saturniidae from around the world. All images that I post are with the photographer's permission, and the images remain the property of the respective photographers.

Many thanks also to Ezequiel Bustos who has sent me (July, 2017) an addition for Corrientes, based on his tireless research into Argentina Sphingidae ranges.

As of October 2007, this list has been confirmed by the L.O.L.A. publication Hawkmoths of Argentina, More, Kitching and Cocucci, 2005.

Below the checklist for Corrientes are links to checklists for the other provinces.

Those species followed by WO? are not confirmed for Corrientes, but I (William Oehlke) suspect they might be present.


Agrius cingulata WO?
Cocytius antaeus EB
Mand. bergi WO?
M. contracta *
M. diff. petuniae WO?
M. florestan
M. rustica
M. sexta paphus WO?
M. s. saliensis WO?


Adhem. gannascus
Ore. lycidas eos


A. t. tantalus WO?
Aellopos titan LT
Al. chloroptera WO?
Callionima inuus
Enyo lugubris WO?
Erinnyis crameri
Erinnyis ello
Erinnyis impuntata
Er. obscura
Eupyrrh. sagra WO?
Isog. caricae WO?
Nyceryx alophus WO?
Pachylia ficus WO?
Pach. resumens


Eumorpha fasciatus
Eum. labruscae


Hyles euphorbiarum
X. chiron nechus WO?
Xylophanes pluto
Xylophanes t. tersa

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Entre Rios
Buenos Aires

La Rioja
Santa Fe
San Luis
La Pampa
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