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Argentina: Smerinthini:
Adhemarius, Orecta and Protambulyx

Adhemarius daphne, Yacutinga Private Reserve, Misiones Province,
(near border between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil), September 2007,
courtesy of Ezequiel Osvaldo Nez Bustos.

This page is inspired by and dedicated to Ezequiel Osvaldo Nez Bustos who has provided outstanding digital images of many live Sphingidae species of Argentina.

Many thanks to additional breeders, collectors, photographers for their image submissions.

This tentative checklist will become more accurate as images and information are sent to me. If you would like to assist in the development of this worldwide Sphingidae data/image base, please send info and images to Bill Oehlke.

I have arranged the images in accordance with my perception of wing characters: predominent markings, shape, colour, size.

Females often have a wing shape or pattern that differs from the males. I hope some day to also have a thumbnail checklist for the females.


Adhemarius daphne
no dark area on basal costa
dark apical area broader than in gannascus

Adhemarius gannascus
dark area on basal costa continuous to inner margin
forewing less produced than in dentoni;
dark apical area reduced to thin comma;

Adhemarius palmeri
large semicircular dark area on costa;
separate from larger, lower dark area;
additional dark patches on costa
oblong dark oval in lower median area

Orecta acuminata
I believe this species is rare and is known only from northwestern Argentina: Tucuman.

Orecta lycidas lycidas?
Possibly this species flies in northeastern Argentina. Maybe it is limited to southeastern Brazil.

Orecta lycidas eos
This species flies in eastern Argentina: Entre Rios, Buenos Aires, Corrientes, Misiones ??.


Protam. astygonus

Protambulyx s. strigilis
Fw o. m. non-broadening twixt M1/M2
small basal dot above fw i. m.
markings emanating from costa mostly thin irregular streaks rahter than wider, more diffuse and darker, irregular clouds
hw pml leaves costa at right angle
area between dark outer margin and subparallel dark band is concolourous with rest of forewing, or slightly orangish; hind wing groundcolour quite orangey

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