Sphingidae of Cuba

Manduca afflicta afflicta, Guardalavaca, Holguin Province, Cuba,
courtesy/copyright of Mark Preston-Mafham (Premaphotos Wildlife).

This list should be very accurate as it has been sent to me by Jean Haxaire, November 17, 2004.

If you have corrections to offer, images of adults/larvae, etc., please contact
Bill Oehlke.

Many thanks to Tomas Melichar (January 2011) who has provided many images of rare Sphingidae from Cuba. Tomas is very interested in sales, purchases, trades, etc. He has over 100,000 Sphingidae specimens in his worldwide collection. His email is posted on the link above.

Xylophanes chiron cubanus Topes de Collantes, Cuba,
August 3, 2011, courtesy of Paul Hoekstra.

Many thanks to Paul Hoekstra who sends images of Agrius cingulata and Xylophanes chiron cubanus from Topes de Collantes, Cuba.

Many thanks to Christian Kutzscher, SDEI - Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, Germany, who provides an image of Manduca sexta jamaicensis.

Many thanks also to Tim Norriss who has granted me permission to post some of the images of live moths from his site at http://www.butterfliesofcuba.com/bombicoidea.html. I have posted images of Manduca rustica cubana and Xylophanes irrorata, both courtesy of Douglas Fernandez and of Manduca sexta jamaicensis and Xylophanes chiron cubanus courtesy of Tim Norriss, all from Tim's website. Check out Tim's website to see more images of live Sphingidae from Cuba.

Xylophanes irrorata, Gran Piedra, Cuba,
June 26, 2016, copyright, Douglas Fernandez, as per


Agrius cingulata
Amph. duponchel
Amphonyx haxairei
Amphonyx vitrinus
Cocytius antaeus
M. a. afflicta
M. b. cubensis
M. rustica cubana
M. s. jamaicensis
Nanoparce p. poeyi
Neoco. cluentius


Adhem. d. cubanus
Protamb. strigilis


Aellopos blaini
Aellopos fadus
Ae. tantalus zonata
Ae. ti. cubana
Call. calliomenae
Call. f. falcifera
Callionima gracilis
Calli. ramsdeni
Enyo boisduvali
Enyo lugubris
Enyo ocypete
Erinnyis alope
Erinnyis crameri
Erinn. domingonis
Erinnyis ello
Erinnyis guttularis
Erinnyis lassauxii
Erinnyis obscura
Erinnyis oenotrus
Erinnyis pallida
Eupyrrhogl. sagra
Isog. r. rimosus
M. pseudothyreus
Pachylia ficus
P. syces cubensis
Pachyli. resumens
Perigonia divisa
Perig. lefebvraei
Perigonia lusca
Phryxus caicus
Pseudosphinx tetrio


Eum. fasciatus
Eum. labruscae
Eum. mirificatus
E. s. posticatus
Eumorpha vitis


Cauthetia g. grotei
Hyles lineata
X. chiron cubanus
Xylophanes clarki
Xyl. gundlachii
Xyl. irrorata
Xylophane pluto
X. porcus porcus Xyl. robinsoni
Xylophanes tersa

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