Deidamia inscriptum

Deidamia inscriptum
(Harris, 1839) Pterogon? inscriptum
Lettered Sphinx

Deidamia inscriptum female, Bexar County, Texas,
March 14, 2008, courtesy of Michael van Buskirk.

Michael writes, March 15, 2008, "Last evening (March 14) I stopped by a local gas station-convenience mart at about 9:30pm. I always watch for moths, but it still seemed a little early. However, there was one moth there, and a Sphingid--a rubbed female of what I believe to be Deidamia inscriptum. Common on the east coast, and even perhaps in east Texas, but a little unusual this far west in NW Bexar County. It is a rubbed female, and over night it has deposited about 30 ova in a paper sack (one of those easy species)."

Yes, it is an early spring flier and is usually not seen/reported so far west in Texas. (WO)

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