Sphingidae of Dominica

Xylophanes tersa tersa courtesy of John H. Campbell.

Although I believe these "tribal" checklists contain only species within Dominica, there may be some omissions and/or erroneous inclusions.

The list should be farily reliable, as it is from Jean Haxaire's Systematic List for Martinique and Guadeloupe, islands to the north and south of Dominica.

Claire Foxley sent me the image of Eumorpha fasciatus to the right. She encountered the moth on April 3, around 8:30 pm while visiting Dominica.

If you have corrections to offer, please contact
Bill Oehlke at oehlkew@islandtelecom.com. I am very happy to receive sighting data and display images. I will also try to help with identifications of Sphingidae from Dominica.

Agrius cingulata
Cocytius antaeus
Cocytius duponchel
M. rustica harterti
Manduca sexta luciae
Neococytius cluentius

Protambulyx s. strigilis

Aellopos tantalus
Enyo lugubris lugubris
Erinnyis alope
Erinnyis crameri
Erinnyis ello
Erinnyis lassauxii
Erinnyis obscura
Madoryx oiclus
Pachylia ficus
Pachylia syces syces
Pseudosphinx tetrio

Eumorpha fasciatus
Eumorpha labruscae
E. vitis fuscatus

X. chiron lucianus
Xylophanes pluto
Xylophanes tersa

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