Sphingini of Ecuador

Manduca of Ecuador

This tentative checklist will become more accurate as images and information are sent to me. If you would like to assist in the development of this worldwide Sphingidae data/image base, please send info and images to Bill Oehlke.

I have arranged the images in accordance with my perception of wing characters: predominent markings, shape, colour, size.

There are probaby some Ecuadorian species not dlisted below, and there are some species not officially confirmed for Ecuador, although I think they have a good chance of being found there.

Females often have a wing shape or pattern that differs from the males. I hope some day to also have a thumbnail checklist for the females.


Manduca dalica dalica

Manduca andicola

Manduca leucospila

Manduca lefeburii

Manduca rustica


Manduca mossi

Manduca lanuginosa

Manduca hannibal

Manduca diffissa

M. diff. petuniae IK

Manduca albiplaga

Manduca lucetius


Manduca florestan

Manduca schausi
Intermediate between Manduca lichenea and Manduca florestan, with similar pattern to both. General coloration on body and forewing grey with a green tinge, like Manduca florestan, but forewing upperside darker, especially the semicircular median area on the costal margin. Forewing narrower than Manduca florestan, more similar to Manduca lichenea, with similar concavity on the distal margin just anterior to the hind angle. Forewing upperside stigma much smaller than either Manduca lichenea or Manduca florestan.

Manduca extrema

Manduca neglecta

Manduca ochus
Unconfirmed in Peru???

Manduca pellenia



Manduca sexta sexta

Manduca clarki

Manduca trimacula

Manduca camposi

Manduca vestalis

Manduca contracta

Manduca scutata

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