Eumorpha pandorus

Eumorpha pandorus pandorus
(Hubner, [1821]) Daphnis

Eumorpha pandorus fifth instar green form, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, courtesy of Ian Miller.

Eumorpha pandorus fifth instar brown form, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, courtesy of Ian Miller.

Ian writes, "I have found a total of 20 Pandora sphinx eggs and first instar larva over the last few weeks (written August 16). Larva are progressing rapidly on grape and virginia creeper. Some are already 2 inches in length. I observed that some larva were orange in their 2nd instar but converted back to being dark green in their 3rd instar.

"My pandora stock is progressing well (written August 24) and growing very rapidly. I enjoy seeing larva in all different colorations (dark brown, bright orange, bright green)."

Eau Claire is considerably north of the range indicated by James P. Tuttle in his excellent 2007 publication, The Hawk Moths of North America. Hence Ian's discovery is a bit of a surprise.

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