Sphingidae of the Galapagos Islands

Xylophanes tersa tersa courtesy of John H. Campbell.

The Galápagos archipelago is renowned for its unique and fearless wildlife and has become a mecca for natural-history enthusiasts.

The archipelago spreads out over 50,000 sq km (19,500 sq mi) of the Pacific Ocean some 1000km (620mi) west of Ecuador and is comprised of 13 main islands and six smaller ones. The landscape is barren and volcanic but has a unique haunting beauty.

This checklist is comprised from collecting done from January until June. There may be additional flights during the summer and into the fall and early winter.

Although I believe these "tribal" checklists contain only species within the Galapagos Islands, there may be some omissions.

The list should be very reliable, however, as it is from The Sphingidae (Lepidoptera) of the Galapagos Islands by Lazaro Roque-Albelo and Bernard Landry.

The list was sent to me by Mats Wedin, Webmaster, Charles Darwin Foundation

If you have corrections to offer, please contact
Bill Oehlke at oehlkew@islandtelecom.com.

Agrius cingulata
Cocytius antaeus
M. r. galapagensis
M. s. leucoptera


Enyo lugubris delanoi
Erin. a. dispersa
E. ello encantada
E obscura conformis
Perigonia lusca

E. fasciatus tupaci
Eumorpha l. yupanquii

Hyles lineata
Xylophanes norfolki
Xylophanes pluto
Xylophanes tersa

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