Updated as per Catalogo de las Especies de Sphingidae en Honduras, Ana Clariza Samayoa and Ronald D. Cave, January 17, 2008
Updated as per personal communication with Robert Lehman (Eupyrrhoglossum sagra, La Ceiba, Atlantida, October 28, 2009); December 17, 2011

Sphingidae of Honduras

Cocytius lucifer lucifer courtesy of Paolo Mazzei.

Although I believe these "tribal" checklists contain only species within Honduras, I fully expect there are omissions and/or improper entries. If you have corrections to offer, please contact
Bill Oehlke.

Those species followed by a 1, 2, 3, 4, and/or 5 are confirmed by Robert Lehman for 1) La Ceiba, Atlantida; 2) San Pedro Sula, Cortes; 3) La Lima, Cortes; 4) Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan; 5) Zamorano, El Paraiso.

Those species followed by SC are additions based on the Samayoa/Cave Catalogo. Those species followed by * are confirmations based on that Catalogo.

The Catalogo indicates peak flights in June and September.

Eupyrrhoglossum sagra male, 5 km west of La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras,
October 28, 2009, courtesy of Robert Lehman.

Agrius cingulata 1*
Amphim. walkeri 1*
Cocytius antaeus *
Cocyt. duponchel 1*
C.lucifer lucifer *
Mand. corallina
Mand. dilucida
Mand. florestan 1*
M. h. hannibal *
Mand. incisa 4??
Mand. lanuginosa *
Mand. lefeburii *
Mand. lichenea SC??
Mand. muscosa 4*
Mand. occulta 2*
Manduca ochus *
Mand. pellenia SC
Mand. rustica 1,4*
Manduca sexta 4*
Mand. vestalis SC??
Mand. wellingi *
Neococy. cluentius *
Sph. leucophaeta SC
Sphinx m. merops 2*
Sph.praelongus SC

Adhem. dariensis SC
Adhem. donysa SC
Ad. g. gannascus *
Adhem. ypsilon SC
Pro.. s. strigilis 2,4*

Aellopos ceculus SC
Aellopos clavipes
Aellopos titan *
Aleuron chloroptera *
Aleuron neglectum *
Cal. denticulata *
Callionima falcifera *
Callionima pan SC
Callionima parce 4*
Enyo gorgon SC
Enyo l. lugubris *
Enyo ocypete 4*
Enyo t. taedium *
Erinnyis alope 1*
Erinnyis crameri 1*
Erinnyis ello 1,3*
Erinnyis lassauxii 1*
Erinnyis obscura
Er. oenotrus 1,3 *
Erinnyis yucatana *
Eupyrrh. sagra 1
Hem. ornatus SC
H. triptolemus SC
Isognathus rimosa *
Madoryx o. oiclus *
Madoryx plutonius *
Nyceryx coffeae SC
Nyceryx eximia SC
Nyceryx riscus *
Nyceryx tacita SC
Pachylia darceta SC
Pachylia ficus 1,2,4*
Pachylia syces syces *
Pa.des. resumens 2,4*
Per. jamaicensis SC
Perigonia lusca lusca*
Perigonia stulta SC
Phryxus caicus 3*
Pseudosph. tetrio 4*
Stolid. tachasara SC
Unzela japix japix SC

Eum. achemolus 4*
Eum. achemon
Eum. boivini
Eum. capronnieri 5
Eum. fasciatus *
Eum. labruscae 1*
Eum. obliquus 1*
E. phorbas SC
Eum. s. licaon*
Eum. triangulum *
E. typhon SC
Eum. v. vitis 1,3,4

Cautethia spuria *
Cautethia yucatana *
Hyles lineata 1*
X. acrus SC
X. amadis SC
X. anubus anubus *
X. belti SC
X. ceratomioides *
X. chiron nechus 1*
X. damocrita SC
X. eumedon SC
X. germen germen *
Xylophanes hannemanni
Xylophanes juanita *
Xylophanes libya 4*
X. loelia SC
Xyl. monzoni
X. neoptolemus 1*
Xylophanes pluto 4*
X. pyrrhus SC
X. p. continentalis 4*
Xyl. tersa 2,3,5*
X. thyelia SC
X. titana SC
Xylophanes turbata *
Xyl. t. tyndarus *
X. undata SC
X. zurcheri SC

Based on the Catalogo de las Especies de Sphingidae en Honduras, Ana Clariza Samayoa and Ronald D. Cave, specific checklists have been created for the various departments.

El Paraiso

Francisco Morazan

La Paz

Gracias a Dios
Santa Barbara

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