Hyles gallii

Hyles gallii
(Rottemburg, 1775) Sphinx gallii
Bedstraw Hawk Moth or Gallium Sphinx

Hyles gallii larva, Anchorage, Alaska; 61 8'10.09"N Latitude and 14946'27.07"W;
September 24, 2011; Joel Adams.

Joel writes, (September 24, 2011):

"Hello! I came across this very unusual larva (Hyles gallii in email subject line) in Anchorage, Alaska. From looking about the web to see what it may be, I thought you might be interested in this picture.



I reply,

"HI Joel,

"Yes, it is Hyles gallii, the Bedstraw Hawkmoth caterpillar. Thanks for thinking of me. Do you have the date or a close approximation? I also request permission to post the image, credited to you, to a webpage, linked from my Alaska Sphingidae page."

Joel responds, "Thanks for responding, Bill,

"Yes, go ahead and post the picture. I took it while returning from a walk with the dogs at about 3:15 P.M. on Saturday September 24th, 2011, yesterday.

"Using Google Earth, I photographed it at 61 8'10.09"N Latitude and 14946'27.07"W Longitude.

"Looking at pictures of the Bedstraw Hawkmoth, I've never seen one around here. Do they have unusual nature for a moth?"

"Thanks Joel,

In North America they are one of only a couple of Sphingidae that range so far to the North, but they are quite common in most of Canada. I have reared them here on Prince Edward Island, in eastern Canada, and in the last couple of weeks, I have probably received at least half a dozen sightings from the mmore northerly states. They must be having a good year."

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Family: Sphingidae
Subfamily: Macroglossinae
Genus: Hyles (Hubner, 1819) was Sphinx...........
Species: gallii (Rottenburg, 1775)


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