North Dakota Counties

This distribution chart is a compilation of information from Paul Opler's Moths of North America Website, the Lepidopterists' Society Season Summary and personal communication with residents of North Dakota. See comments below the map. I have also compared with and updated from the highly reliable resource at by Gerald Fauske.

Actual ranges may, in many cases, be more expansive than noted, but North Dakota is well known as a transition state where many of the Sphingidae common to the eastern United States encounter the western-most limits of their respective ranges. Western U.S. species begin appearing in western N.D. counties.

Clicking on a scientific name will take you to a file with pictures and/or information. I have used color coding and the first letter of the species name to make map/list correlation a bit easier. Map format is also a left to right, top to bottom sequence in relation to the lists, which are divided into respective tribes. The strays and rarities are not posted to the map, because it is unlikely you will encounter them, and, if you do, it could be anywhere.

Strays and Rarities

M. quinquemaculata
Manduca rustica
Manduca sexta

Aellopos titan
Erinnyis ello
Erinnyis obscura

E. anchemolus
Eumorpha pandorus

A Ceratomia amyntor
U Ceratomia undulosa
C Sphinx chersis
D Sphinx drupiferarum
E Sphinx eremitus
G Sphinx gordius
K Sphinx kalmiae
L Sphinx luscitiosa
V Sphinx vashti

J Amorpha juglandis
M Pachysphinx modesta
O Pachysphinx occidentalis
E Paonias excaecata
M Paonias myops
C Smerinthus cerisyi
J Smerinthus jamaicensis

T Hemaris thysbe
D Hemaris diffinis

A Eumorpha achemon

F Amphion floridensis
C Darapsa choerilus
M Darapsa myron
I Deidamia inscriptum
E Hyles euphorbiae
G Hyles gallii
L Hyles lineata
J Proserpinus juanita

Hyles euphorbiae, courtesy of Renae and Megan Seeley,
Grand Forks County, September 1, 2004

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