Smerinthini thumbnails

Dilophonotini of Peru:
Aellopos, Eupyrrhoglossum, Nyceryx, Perigonia

This tentative checklist will become more accurate as images and information are sent to me. If you would like to assist in the development of this worldwide Sphingidae data/image base, please send info and images to Bill Oehlke.

I have arranged the images in accordance with my perception of wing characters: predominent markings, shape, colour, size.

There are probaby some Peruvian species not dlisted below, and there are some species not officially confirmed for Peru, although I think they have a good chance of being found there.

Females often have a wing shape or pattern that differs from the males. I hope some day to also have a thumbnail checklist for the females.


Aellopos ceculus

Aellopos clavipes

Aellopos fadus

A. tantalus tantalus

Aellopos titan titan


Eupyrrhoglossum corvus

Eupyrrhoglossum sagra

Nyceryx continua cratera male, Shima, Junin, Peru,
June 15, 2010, 700m, courtesy of Peter Bruce-Jones.


Nyceryx alophus alophus: Fw more variegated than N. c. continua, lines more distinct; discal spot narrow, elongate; an abbreviated subbasal blackish band present. Hw basal yellow area reaching inner margin. probably not in Peru; CATE

Nyceryx continua cratera
Similar to Nyceryx maxwelli but apex of hindwing upperside brown and tornal area yellow along the inner margin.

Nyceryx maxwelli: Similar to Nyceryx continua cratera but apex of hindwing upperside brown and tornal area not yellow. Hindwing upperside with yellow basal area not extending beyond 1A, and apex brownish-orange (not dark brown).

Nyceryx coffaeae

Nyceryx hyposticta

Nyceryx lunaris

Nyceryx magna

Nyceryx ericea

N. n. nictitans

Nyceryx riscus

Nyceryx stuarti

Nyceryx tacita


Perigonia lusca male, Shima, Junin, Peru,
June 12, 2010, 700m, courtesy of Peter Bruce-Jones.


Perigonia grisea: Forewing upperside uniform grey, crossed by a nearly straight antemedian line, a sinuate, very thin postmedian line and a double submarginal line (outer line heavier) that runs almost perpendicular from costa to tornus. Hindwing upperside most similar to Perigonia stulta but yellow tornal patch larger.

Perigonia lusca : Fw: Dark, slightly irregular, inwardly concave, thick line runs from apex to anal angle. Prominent, straight, dark aml outwardly shaded in dark brown more widely along inner angle, tapers toward costa. Small black dot at base of costa midpoint, slightly larger black, short black streak in cell. Hw yellow band very variable. Junin

Perigonia stulta: Crenulations of forewing outer margin are variable in degree of development, but greatly produced near midpoint. Forewing upperside lacks distinct grey-brown or pale brown lunate patch on the outer margin. Forewing underside submarginal line distinct at least from the apex to M2, bordered with grey distally.

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