Smerinthini thumbnails


Callionima, Erinnyis, Hemeroplanes, Isognathus, Madoryx, Oryba, Pachylia, Pachylioides, Phryxus, Pseudosphinx
Thumbnails: Peru

This tentative checklist will become more accurate as images and information are sent to me. If you would like to assist in the development of this worldwide Sphingidae data/image base, please send info and images to Bill Oehlke.

I have arranged the images in accordance with my perception of wing characters: predominent markings, shape, colour, size.

There are probaby some Peruvian species not dlisted below, and there are some species not officially confirmed for Peru, although I think they have a good chance of being found there.

Females often have a wing shape or pattern that differs from the males. I hope some day to also have a thumbnail checklist for the females.

Callionima acuta
Callionima calliomenae
Callionima denticulata vi
Callionima inuus vi
Callionima juliane CATE
Callionima nomius vi
Callionima pan
Callionima parce parce
Erinnyis alope
Erinnyis crameri
Erinnyis ello ello
Erinnyis lassauxi
Erinnyis obscura obscura
Erinnyis oenotrus
Hemeroplanes diffusa
H. longistriga
Hemeroplanes ornatus
H. triptolemus
Isognathus caricae rainermarxi
Isognathus leachi
Isognathus swainsoni pbj
Madoryx b. bubastus
Madoryx oiclus oiclus
M. plutonius plutonius vi
Oryba achemenides
Oryba kadeni vi
Pachylia darceta
Pachylia ficus *
Pachylia syces syces
Pachylioides resumens
Phryxus caicus vi
Pseudosphinx tetrio


Aellopos ceculus

Aellopos clavipes

Aellopos fadus

A. tantalus tantalus

Aellopos titan titan


Eupyrrhoglossum corvus

Eupyrrhoglossum sagra


Nyceryx alophus alophus

Nyceryx coffeae

Nyceryx ericea

Nyceryx hyposticta vi

Nyceryx lunaris

Nyceryx magma

Nyceryx maxwelli

N. n. nictitans

Nyceryx ericea

Nyceryx riscus

Nyceryx stuarti

Nyceryx tacita



Perigonia grisea

Perigonia lusca

Perigonia stulta


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