Sphingidae of Argentina

Manduca diffissa diffissa larva, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
courtesy of Ezequiel Osvaldo Núñez Bustos,
Martín García Island, on the Río de la Plata and near Uruguay.

Although I believe these "tribal" checklists contain only species within Argentina, I fully expect there are yet a few omissions. If you have corrections to offer, please contact
Bill Oehlke .

Ezequiel Osvaldo Núñez Bustos of Argentina will be sending images and data from his country.

Ezequiel writes, June 17, 2013, "Eumorpha capronnieri and E. translineatus don´t fly in Argentina. They were recorded in Schreiber but this author recorded many species of another countries that not fly in Argentina."

I have removed those two species from the checklist.

Argentina is bordered by Chile on the West, the Atlantic Ocean to the East, and is capped by Bolivia and Paraguay to the North. The extreme northeastern section of Argentina is bordered by Uruguay and southeastern Brazil.

I am most thankful to Jean Haxaire for sending me an electronic copy of Faune de Bolivie, Lépidoptères Sphingidae, Ecologie et systématique. Those species, followed by *, are ones indicated by Jean for Bolivia, and they served as a starting point for this checklist. The "*" is being replaced by collectors'/photographers' initials as confirmations for Argentina arrive.

I have added those species whose specimen type locality is Argentina.

Daniel Rojas Lanus (DRL) sent me a picture of Hyles lineata from Argentina. Oz Rittner (OR) sent me pictures of Pachylioides resumens, Phryxus caicus, Manduca sexta paphus, Adhemarius daphne and Xylophanes chiron nechus, all from Argentina. Many additions to the list, confirmed by Ezequiel Osvaldo Núñez Bustos, are followed by his initials (EB).

Many thanks to Jean Haxaire and Ian Kitching who have provided many images or helped with identifications.

As of October 2007, this list has been confirmed by the L.O.L.A. publication Hawkmoths of Argentina, More, Kitching and Cocucci, 2005.

A special thanks to Fernando Penco of Argentina. Fernando has sent me electronic images of many of the rarer species in Argentina. He also provides data: location and date.

Carlos Marzano (CM) and Nigel Venters (NV) have also provided many images and data.

In his The Hawk Moths of North America, 2007, James P. Tuttle has assigned all the Sphinx genus species from Mexico south throughout South American to Lintneria, Butler, 1876, based on consistent differences in wing characters and significant larval differences. I have followed that reassignment. James P. Tuttle has also reared E. obscura, and reports both the light colour morph and the dark colour morph (previously thought to be domingonis XX) from the same egg batch.

Xylophanes nabuchodonosor, Parque Nacional Baritu, Salta, Argentina,
October 1989, courtesy of Leonardo Aguado, id and digital repair by Bill Oehlke.

Many thanks also to Leonardo Aguado who has begun (October 2011) to send me Saturniidae and Sphingidae images from various locations in Argentina. Many of the Sphingidae are examples of range extensions within Argentinian provinces not listed in Hawkmoths of Argentina, More, Kitching and Cocucci, 2005.

Neogene reevei, Villa Amancay, Cardoba, Argentina,
December 20, 2007, courtesy of Carlos Marzano.

May 2012, Ezequiel Osvaldo Núñez Bustos writes, "I can confirm that Xylophanes epaphus not fly really in Argentina. Recently I collected X. anubus in Misiones. I will sending soon pics of more species (Manduca lichenea for example) including some Saturniidae.

I have updated files with images of Nyceryx continus. Manduca lichenea, Madoryx oiclus and Xylophanes porcus.

Ezequiel writes, "I send these some pics of sphingidae, the first two from Campo Ramón, Misiones province (8806 & 8811). One is Nyceryx continua (25/09/2010) and the second is Manduca lichenea (26/09/2010). The 9928 is Orecta lycidas eos (07/03/2011), a very scarse specie from El Palmar National Park, Entre Ríos province. There are four, Madoryx oiclus, from Río Pilcomayo National Park, Formosa province (29/05/2011). The 8942 is X. porcus from Salto Encantado (Misiones province) at 28/09/2010.

In January of 2015 Joanna Rodriguez Ramirez sent me a pdf file copy of her Sphingidae (Lepidoptera) preserved at the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, Buenos Aires, Argentina: catalog of the types and checklist of Argentinian Species. Her work presents documentation of some range extensisons in Argentina, and I have updated the individual species files to incorporate the additional data. Joanna indicates there is still much to be done with regard to ranges of the various species, but I now think this site is quite accurate for what is known of Argentinean Sphingidae up to this point in time (January 22, 2015). I welcome additional sightings, especially with images that can be added to the date base. I am also very interested in Saturniidae sightings.

Vadim Kroutov adds Manduca incisa from Misiones.

Ezequiel Osvaldo Núñez Bustos has provided me with a pdf file of his update (Shilap revta. lepid. 43 (172) diciembre, 2015, 615-631 eISSN 2340-4078 ISSN 0300-5267) to Argentina Sphingidae, and I have added the following to the list based on the December 17 publication: Manduca boliviana, brasiliensis, prestoni, schausi; Nyceryx continua, furtadoi; Perigonia lusca; Eumorpha megaeacus; Callionima guiarti. Many thanks to Ezequiel.

Adhemarius daphne, Yacutinga Private Reserve, Misiones Province,
(near border between Argentina and Brazil), September 2007,
courtesy of Ezequiel Osvaldo Núñez Bustos.


Agrius cingulata EB
Amphimoea walkeri*
Cocytius antaeus EB
Cocy. duponchel EB
Cocytius lucifer EB
Eu. guttiventris EB
Lint. aurigutta ??
Lint. justiciae EB
Lint. maura CM/NV
Lint. phalerata FP
Man. albiplaga EB
Man. armatipes NV
M. bergamatipes NV
Man. bergi FP/NV
M. boliviana EB
M. brasiliensis EB
Man. contracta EB
M. diff. diffissa EB
M. diffisa mesosa EB
M. diff. petuniae IK
Manduca exiguus EB
Man. florestan EB
M. fosteri EB
M. hn. hamilcar EB
Manduca incisa VK
M. jordani EB
M. lefeburei EB
M. leucospila EB
Man. lichenea EB
M. manducoides EB
M. prestoni*
Manduca schausi EB
M. rustica EB
Manduca schausi EB
M. scutata EB
Man. s. paphus OR
M. se. saliensis NV
M. stuarti EB
M. tucumana FP/NV
M. undata EB
Neoco. cluentius EB
Neogene albescens *
Neo. carrerasi EB
Neogene reevei FP


Adhem. daphne OR
Adh. gannascus EB
Adhem. palmeri EB
Orecta acuminata *
Orecta lycidas eos EB
Prot. astygonus EB
Protam. strigilis EB


Aellopos ceculus EB
Aellopos clavipes EB
Aellopos fadus*
A. tantalus tantalus*
Aellop. ti. titan EB
Al. chloroptera EB
Al. iphis EB
Al. neglectum EB
C. g. grisescens EB/CM/NV
Call. guiarti EB
Callionima inuus EB
Callion. nomius EB
Callionima parce EB
Enyo gorgon EB
Enyo l. lugubris EB
Enyo ocypete EB
Erinnyis alope EB
Erinnyis crameri *
Erin. domingonis XX
Erinnyis ello OR
Er. impunctata EB
Er. lassauxi EB
Erinnyis obscura EB
Er. oenotrus NV/EB
Eupyrrh. sagra EB
Hem. longistriga EB
H. triptolemus*
Isog. caricae EB
Isognathus leachi EB
Isog. menechus EB
Mad. bubastus EB
Madoryx oiclus EB
Mad. plutonius EB
Nyceryx alophus EB
Nyceryx continua EB
Nyceryx furtadoi EB
Nyc. hyposticta EB
Nyceryx nictitans EB
Nyceryx riscus EB
Pachy. darceta EB?
Pachylia ficus EB
Pachylia s. syces EB
Pacho. resumens OR
Perigonia ilus EB
Perigonia lusca EB
Perigonia pallida EB
Peri. passerina DRL
Perigonia stulta EB
Phryxus caicus OR
Pseudosph. tetrio EB
Unz. j. discrepans EB


E. analis EB/NV/DRL
Eum. anchemolus*
Eumorpha cissi EB
Eumorpha fasciatus*
Eum. labruscae EB
Eum. megaeacus EB
E. neuburgeri FP/NV
Eum. triangulum EB
Eumorpha vitis EB


Hyles annei EB
H. euphorbiarum NV
Hyles lineata DRL
Xyloph. anubus* EB
X. ceratomioides ??
X. ch. nechus *, OR
X. crenulata EB
Xyl. crotonis EB
Xylophanes docilis *
Xylophanes elara EB
Xyloph. fosteri EB
Xylophanes isaon EB
Xylophanes loelia EB
Xyl. marginalis EB
X. nabuchodon. EB
Xyl. pistacina EB
Xylophanes pluto EB
X. p. continental. EB
Xylophanes resta EB
X. schreiteri FP/NV
Xyloph. t. tersa EB
Xyloph. thyelia EB
Xyloph. titana EB
Xyloph. tyndarus EB

Nyceryx riscus, Yacutinga, Misiones, Argentina,
February 2008, courtesy/copyright Ezequiel Bustos.

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Species from Valverde 1999 not in book
Eumorpha analis
Eumorpha cissi
Xylophanes crotonis

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On my home computer only: Sphingidae (Lepidoptera) preserved at the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, Buenos Aires, Argentina: catalog of the types and checklist of Argentinian Species.

On my home computer only: Sphingidae of Argentina, 2015, Ezequiel Bustos.

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