Sphingidae of Colombia

Tentative Checklist

Protambulyx euryalus, Valle de Cauca, Colombia,
June 26, 2003, elevation 2100m, courtesy of Peter Hoell.

Although I believe these checklists contain only species within Colombia, I fully expect there are omissions. I have assembled this list from what I feel are valid checklists for Venezuela (v), Ecuador (e), Panama (p) and Costa Rica (cr) and have included species common to any two of those countries.

I have also added species confirmed from northwestern Brazil (br) near the border with Colombia: Querari in Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira, Brazil, even if they were only reported in Brazil.

Those species followed by ?? are confirmed from only one of the above listed countries and may or may not be in Colombia.

I am probably missing many endemics from Colombia, but will work on including them during the month of June (2010). Species confirmed for Colombia are followed by (C).

If you have corrections to offer, please contact
Bill Oehlke.

Many thanks to Rodrigo Torres Núñez who has begun (July 2010) to send me digital images from the region of Sumapaz, near Bogotá.
His confirmations are indicated by *.

Many thanks also to Greg Nielsen who has begun (February 6, 2011) to send me images and complete data. I am confirming his sightings with GN.

Hemeroplanes triptolemus, Km 13 via Acacias, Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia, 500m,
04°03’55.0 N 073°41’87.0 W, January 19, 2011, lfw=38mm, courtesy of Gregory Nielsen.

Many thanks also to Joakim Johansson (JJ) who has been sending images and data from Colombia.

Many thanks also to Humberto Calero Mejia who has sent recto and verso images of Pachylia syces from Cali, Valle del Cauca. He has also provided images from Parque Nacional Natural Gorgona, Isla Gorgona, Cauca, Colombia. Isla Gorgona is about 35 kilometers west of the pacific Coast of Colombia. These images are part of a project called Evaluación del estado actual de los objetos de conservación faunísticos en Isla Gorgona: una aproximación holística a la valoración ecológica de Parque Nacional Natural Gorgona: E phorbas: June 3 2011; E. anchemolus: May 27 2011; A. walkeri: June 1 2011; A. duponchel: May 31 2011.

Additional images sent are recto and verso for Callionima pan 28 May 2011; Callionima nomius 3 June 2011; Xylophanes chiron nechus 5 June 2011; Aellopos titan 31 May 2011.

Many thanks to Janet Zinn who has sent beautiful images of Xylophanes pyrrhus and an undescribed species which I have temporarily posted to the Xylophanes letiranti file.


Ag. cingulatus vep*
Am. walkeri HCM
Coc. antaeus br
C. beelzebuth vebr
C. duponchel HCM
C. lucifer vepbr
C. macasensis e??
C. mortuorum ebr
Eu.. albostigmata C
Euryglottis aper ve
Eu. davidianus e??
Eu. dognini ve
M. albiplaga vepbr
Lint. merops GN
Mand. andicola e??
Mand. camposi e??
M. da. dalica vebr
M. di. tropicalis v??
Man. extrema ve
M. florestan vepbr
Man. hannibal ve
Man. huascara JH
M. lanuginosa ve
Man. lefeburei ve
Man. leucospila ve
Man. lucetius br
Man. mossi e??
Man. neglecta e??
Man. ochus ve
Man. pellenia br
Man. rustica vepbr
Man. schausi wo?
Man. scutata ve
M. sexta paphus br
Man. s. sexta ??
Man. trimacula ve
Man. vestalis vebr
Neo. cluentius GN*


Adhemar. daphne ?
Adh. dentoni e??
A. gannascus
Adh. germanus* posssibly same as gannascus
Adh. palmeri vepbr
Adh. sexoculatus ve
A. tigri. coronata C
A. tigrina tigrina JJ
Adh. ypsilon vebr
O. venedictoff. cre
Prot. euryalus ph
Prot. eurycles epbr
Prot. goeldii ep
P. s. strigilis GN *


Aellopos ceculus C
Aellopos clavipes ve
Aellopos fadus ve
A. t. tantalus ??
Aellopos titan GN
Aleur. carinata ve
Al. chloro. vebr
Aleuron iphis vebr
Al. neglectum vebr
C. calliomenae vep
Cal. denticulata ve
Cal. inuus vepbr
Cal. nomius HCM
Callion. pan HCM
Cal. p. parce vep
Enyo bathus ??
Enyo cavifer C
Enyo gorgon vebr
E. lugubris vepbr
Enyo ocypete GN
Enyo taedium vep
Erinnyis alope GN
Er. crameri GN *
E. domingonis vp
Erinnyis ello GN *
E. impunctata vp
E. lassauxi vep*
Erin. obscura GN
E. oenotrus GN *
E. venustum br
Eupyrr. corvus ve
Eupyrr. sagra vep
Hemerop. diffusa C
H. longistriga ??
Hem. ornatus vep
H. triptolemus GN
Isog. allamande br
Isog. c. caricae GN
Isog. excelsior br
Isog. leachi vepbr
I. occidentalis br
I. r. rimosa br
Isog. scyron GN
I. swainsoni vebr
M. b. bubastus vep
Mad. o. oiclus vep
M. p. pluton. vepbr
Nyc. coffeae vep
Nyceryx ericea vep
Nyc. hyposticta ve
Nyceryx lunaris e
Nyceryx magna ??
Nyc. maxwelli ve
N. n. nictitans ??
Nyceryx riscus vep
Nyc. stuarti vepbr
Nyceryx tacita vep
O. achemenides ve
Oryba kadeni ve
Pa. caliginosa GN
Pachy. drucei ep
Pachy. hopfferi ep
Pachy. martini ep
Pachy. odile e??
Pachy. ribbei ep
Pa. subhamata vep
Pach. darceta RB
Pachylia ficus GN
P. s. syces HCM
P. resumens GN *
Perigonia ilus vep
Perigonia lusca GN
Perig. stulta vep
Phryxus caicus GN
Pseudo. tetrio GN *
Stolid. tachasara vp
Unzela j. japix vebr
Unz. p. pronoë vebr


Eum. adamsi ve
E. anchem. HCM*
E. capronn. vepbr
Eumorpha cissi JJ
Eum. drucei e??
E. megaeacus ??
E. fasciatus vepbr*
E. labruscae GN
E. macasensis e??
E. obliqua vep
E. phorbas HCM
E. satellitia ep
E. s. licaon v??
E. triangulum vep
Eum. vitis vepbr


Hyles lineata vep
Xylophanes acrus p
X. am. amadis br
Xyl. anubus vepbr
X. aristor ve
X. c. nechus HCM
X. ceratomio. RB
X. chiron chiron ??
X. columbiana C
Xyl. cosmius e
Xyl. crotonis vep
X. cyrene p
Xyl. docilis e
Xyl. fernandezi v?
Xyl. fusimac. vebr
X. guianens. RB
Xyl. huloti
Xyl. letiranti JH??
Xylophanes libya ve
Xyl. loelia GN
Xyl. macasensis e
X. m. maculat. vep
X. mac. wolfi e
Xyl. media ve
Xyl. mirabilis C
X. neoptolemus vp
X. pistacina vepbr
Xyl. pluto vepbr
X. p. continent. GN
Xyl. pyrrhus JZ
Xyl. resta vp
X. rhodochlora ?*
Xyl. rothschildi Ce
X, rufescens vbr
Xyl. schwartzi e
Xyl. tersa GN
Xyl. thyelia vepbr
Xyl. titana vep
Xyl. turbata vp
Xyl. tyndarus vep
Xyl. undata br
Xyl. virescens>i>
Xyl. xylobotes ??
Xyl. zurcheri ??

The following species are recorded in Venezuela, but not recorded in Ecuador. They might be present in eastern Colombia:
Cocytius antaeus
Euryglottis johannes
M. corallina
M. d. tropicalis vp
Manduca dilucida
Manduca empusa
Manduca fosteri
M. franciscae
Manduca lichenea
Manduca perplexa
M. s. paphus vp
P. sulphurea
Baniwa yavitensis ??
Callionima falcifera
Eupyrrhoglossum venustum
Isognathus allamandae
Isognathus excelsior
I. menechus
I. mossi fabiane ?
I. rimosa papayae
Isognathus tepuyensis
Kloneus babayaga
Perigonia pallida
Perigonia pittieri
X. alvarezsierrai
X. a. amadis
X. amadis meridanus
Xylophanes aristor
Xylophanes brevis
Xylophanes clarki ??
Xylophanes elara
X. fernandezi
X. germen yurakano
X. haxairei
X. p. porcus
Xylophanes resta
Xylophanes rufescens
Xylophanes sarae
Xylophanes schausi
X. tersa chaconi

The following species are listed from Panama and might be in northern Colombia:
C. antaeus medor
Manduca lichenea
Adhemarius tigrina

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