Sphingidae Indices by Nation

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You can visit active Sphingidae pictoral checklists by clicking on the Canadian provinces or country regions listed in the tables below. All US states are covered as are all countries from Central and South America and the Caribbean.


British Columbiammm
New Brunswick

Northwest Territoriesmmm
Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

United States

Central America with Map

Many of the images of Sphingidae larvae and adults on this website (especially the Central and South American sections) come from Dan Janzen who works tirelessly on a project to raise funds for "rainforest purchase in Costa Rica to add land to the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste (ACG), where the great majority of these moths occur as living wild populations. There is NO overhead charged on these funds. The current ACG land purchase project is described at the following web site: http://janzen.sas.upenn.edu/RR/rincon_rainforest.htm".

If you appreciate this website and would like to contribute to the rainforest conservation project, please consult the link above.

Contributions can be made out to Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund and sent to

Professor Dan Janzen,
Department of Biology,
University of Pennsylvania,
Philadelphia, PA 19104

South America with Map

Carribean Islands with Map

Sphingini tribe: Agrius, Amphimoea, Ceratomia, Cocytius, Dolba, Dolbagene, Euryglottis, Isoparce, Lapara, Manduca, Nannoparce, Neococytius, Neogene, Paratrea, Sagenosema, Sphinx

Smerinthini tribe: Adhemarius, Amorpha, Monarda, Orecta, Pachysphinx, Paonias, Protambyulyx, Smerinthus, Trogolegnum

Dilophonotini tribe: Aellopos, Aleuron, Baniwa, Callionima, Enyo, Erinnyis, Eupyrrhoglossum, Hemaris, Hemeroplanes, Himantoides, Isognathus, Kloneus, Madoryx, Nyceryx, Oryba, Pachygonidia, Pachylia, Pachylioides, Perigonia, Phryxus, Protaleuron, Pseudosphinx, Stolidoptera

Philampelini tribe: Eumorpha, Tinostoma,

Macroglossinini tribe: Amphion, Arctonotus, Aspledon, Cautethia, Darapsa, Deidamia, Euproserpinus, Hyles, Phanoxyla, Proserpinus, Sphecodina, Xylophanes

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