The Sphingidae of Ontario

Deidamia inscriptum courtesy of James Reilly.

This website is designed and maintained by Bill Oehlke. Please send sightings (date, location, species) and/or images to Bill.

Many thanks to Mike Matheson who sends an image that appears to be a new record for Ontario and for Canada: Manduca jasminearum.

Manduca jasminearum, Leamington, Ontario,
July 21, 2017, courtesy of Mike Matheson.

Sphinginae subfamily

Sphingini tribe:

Agrius cingulata irregular migrant
Ceratomia amyntor
Ceratomia catalpae stray, casual breeder?
Ceratomia undulosa
Dolba hyloeus
Lapara bombycoides
Lintneria eremitus
Manduca jasminearum rare
Manduca quinquemaculatus
Manduca rustica rare stray
Manduca sexta irregular migrant
Paratrea plebeja rare stray
Sphinx canadensis
Sphinx chersis
sphinx drupiferarum
Sphinx gordius probably poecilammmmmmm
Sphinx kalmiae
Sphinx luscitiosa
Sphinx poecila

Smerinthini Tribe:

Amorpha juglandis
Pachysphinx modesta
Paonias excaecata
Paonias myops
Smerinthus cerisyi
Smerinthus jamaicensis

Hemaris thysbe, August 29, 2004, 30 miles south of Thunder Bay, Ontario,
courtesy of Rob Illingworth.

Macroglossinae subfamily

Dilophonotini tribe:mm

Aellopos fadus rare stray
Aellopos titan rare migrant
Erinnyis ello rare migrant
Erinnyis obscura rare migrant
Hemaris diffinis
Hemaris gracilis
Hemaris thysbe

Philampelini tribe:mm

Eumorpha achemon
Eumorpha fasciata rare stray
Eumorpha pandorus

Macroglossini tribe:

Amphion floridensis
Darapsa myron
Darapsa pholus = choerilus
Darapsa versicolor
Deidamia inscriptum
Hyles euphorbiae *1
Hyles gallii
Hyles lineata irr. migrant
Proserpinus flavofasciatus
Sphecodina abbottii
Xylophanes tersa irr. migrant
*1 = introduced from Europe

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List provided by Dave Clermont for Quebec, adapted by Bill Oehlke,
and then amended by Jeff Crolla for Ontario.

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For care of "found larvae/caterpillars" visit Manduca sexta larva, central Texas, August 21, 2008, Trina Woodall.

Visit Ontario Catocala: Underwing Moths.

Eumorpha pandorus courtesy of Jim, Wellington, Ontario, September 18, 2003.

Ontario sightings 2005-2008:

Amorpha juglandis, Peterborough, May 17-18, 2006, May 27, 2007, Tim Dyson.

Amphion floridensis, Portland, June 5, 2006, Lorry Sheldon
Amphion floridensis, east downtown Toronto on Buddleia ssp., July 21, 2006, Ian Cox-Leigh
Amphion floridensis, Foley Mtn., Portland, Ontario, June 5, 2004, Bev Wigney
Amphion floridensis, Peterborough, May 22, 2007, Tim Dyson.
Amphion floridensis, Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, June 13, 2007, 8:44pm, John Van der Pryt.
Amphion floridensis, Sturgeon Falls, Nancy Payeur

Ceratomia amyntor Peterborough, June 8-9, 29, 30 (many), July 19 (f), 2005, July 2, 2008 Tim Dyson.
Ceratomia amyntor London, May 29, 2005, around 5pm (cat capture), Sandy Grant.
Ceratomia amyntor, Murphy's Point PP, Perth, Ontario, August 21, 2005, caterpillar, Bev Wigney.

Ceratomia undulosa Peterborough, June 2-3, June 8-9, 12-13, 30 (3), July 11 (females abundant), 13 (3), 16 (lots), 2005, Tim Dyson.
Ceratomia undulosa Guelph, May 24; July 23, Chris Lee.
Ceratomia undulosa Almonte, 20 mi w of Ottawa, June 6, Sherleen Smithson.
Ceratomia undulosa (10) Almonte, 20 mi w of Ottawa, June 7, Sherleen Smithson.
Ceratomia undulosa Peterborough, May 28-29, 31, 2006, Peterborough; May 31, 2007, June 5 2008, July 2, 2008, Tim Dyson.

Darapsa choerilus Peterborough, June 10-11, July 2, Tim Dyson.

Darapsa myron Peterborough, June 8-9, 12-13, 30 (2), July 13 (1), 18 (1), 19 (1), 2005, July 2, 2008, Tim Dyson.
Darapsa myron Peterborough, May 31, 2006, June 5 2008, Peterborough, Tim Dyson.
Darapsa myron, Osgoode, Ontario, July 17, 2004, Bev Wigney
Darapsa myron, Otawa, Ontario, July 10, 2008, Jenn Jones-Millington

Deidamia inscriptum Peterborough, May 25, Tim Dyson.
Deidamia inscriptum Guelph, May 9; three on May 23, 2006; Chris Lee.
Deidamia inscriptum (4-6) Almonte, 20 mi w of Ottawa, May 27-June 1, Sherleen Smithson.
Deidamia inscriptum April 20, 2006, 9:30 pm, Sherleen Smithson

Eumorpha achemon larva, Norfolk County, Mike Patrikeev

Eumorpha pandorus adult moth, Chatham, July 11, 2011, Renee C.
Eumorpha pandorus, July 5 (1), 11, 16 (1), 2005, Peterborough, Tim Dyson.
Eumorpha pandorus, Chatham, Kent County, John Van der Pryt.
Eumorpha pandorus, Burlington, Halton Region, July 24, 2012, Nancy Sandeman.
Eumorpha pandorus fifth instars on Engelmans's Ivy, August 1, 2011, Kingston, Gayle Beauregard
Eumorpha pandorus, Mississauga, Peel Region, August 21, 2014, Caymen Vieira.
Eumorpha pandorus third instar larva, August 27, 2007, Marmora, Eugenio Colautti
Eumorpha pandorus fifth instar larva, September 10, 2005, Brantford, Kristine Lee
Eumorpha pandorus fifth instar larva, September 14, 2003, Opinicon Lake, Chaffey's Lock, Ontario, Bev Wigney
Eumorpha pandorus July 2, 2008, Peterborough, Tim Dyson
Eumorpha pandorus fifth instar larva, September 2, 2017, Kitchener, Ontario, Mike Clarke
Eumorpha pandorus fifth instar larva, October 8, 2017, Oshawa, Ontario, Jade O'Callaghan

Hemaris diffinis, Peterborough, May 22, 28, 2007, Tim Dyson.
Hemaris diffinis, Beaupre Island, July 10, 2007, Mary Alice Snetsinger.

Hemaris gracilis, Peterborough, May 29-30, 2007, Tim Dyson.

Hemaris thysbe, Presquile Provincial Park, Brighton, May 3, 2015, Steven Rowe.
Hemaris thysbe, Peterborough, May 22-25, 2007, Tim Dyson.
Hemaris thysbe, Portland, June 2, 2006, Lorry Sheldon
Hemaris thysbe, Kingston, July 29, 2007, Paul Durant.
Hemaris thysbe, Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, August 14, 2007, 8:28pm, John Van der Pryt.

Hyles euphorbiae, Port Perry, Lake Scugog, 15 Aug 2006, courtesy of Ken Jackson and Paul Bergdahl.
Hyles euphorbiae final instar, Lindsay, Ontario, July 6, 2014, Anna Mizyn

Hyles gallii June 10, 16, July 11, 19, 21 (1), 2005, July 2, 2008, Peterborough, Ontario, Tim Dyson.
May 31, 2006, Peterborough, Ontario, Tim Dyson.

Hyles lineata, September 24, 2010, Chatham, Kent County, John van der Pryt.
Hyles lineata, July 23, 2012, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, courtesy of Tammy Palmer.
Hyles lineata, August 2012, Lake of the Woods, Kenora, Brenda Chambers-Ivey.
Hyles lineata, September 27, 2013, Timmins, Ontario.

Lapara bombycoides June 29, July 2, 6, 11, 2005, June 5 2008, July 2, 2008, Peterborough, Ontario, Tim Dyson.
Lapara bombycoides larva, August 27, 2005, Howard Ferguson FC, Kemptville, Ontario, Bev Wigney

Lintneria eremitus Peterborough, June 29, 2005, Tim Dyson
Lintneria eremitus (1) Almonte, 20 mi w of Ottawa, August 25, 2005, nectaring on bee balm, Sherleen Smithson.
Lintneria eremitus larvae, September 5, 2008, feeding on monarda, Tim Dyson.
Tim writes, "Yesterday (September 15, 2008), while weeding a wildflower garden I made for someone last year, I looked up at some blooming monarda beside me, right at a nice eremitus larva! It was the first larva of the Hermit I have ever seen, (and I think in all the years I`ve attended lights looking for moths, I`ve only ever seen two adults before).

"So, I went to the property nextdoor, and after searching all of the monarda growing, found no more. After lunch I drove about five miles to the other side of the lake to work on someone`s cottage property, and while checking the patch of native monarda I planted there for them back in June, guess what I found? Yep, Hermit #2! Today I checked a tonne of wild bergamot not far from home, but have not as yet found any more of them."

Manduca jasminearum. Leamington, July 21, 2017, Mike Matheson.

Manduca quinquemaculatus June 30-July 1 (1), 16 (1), July 19 (1), 21 (1), 2005, Peterborough, Tim Dyson
Manduca quinquemaculatus July 9, Port Bruce, Jo Richardson and Jody Buchner
Manduca quinquemaculatus larvae, August 2007, Mount Hope, Mike Kuhl

Manduca sexta larva, September 1, 2008, London, Ontario, Jack. P. Brooks.
Manduca sexta, Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, September 6-8, 2010, 9:01-9:13pm, John Van der Pryt.

Pachysphinx modesta Peterborough, June 8-9, 12-13 (many), 16, 30 (5-6), July 13 (2), 16 (2), 18 (1), 2005, Tim Dyson.
Pachysphinx modesta Guelph, May 28, 2006, Chris Lee
Pachysphinx modesta Peterborough, May 30-31, 2006, Peterborough, Tim Dyson.
Tim notes abundance of males in early flight season, replaced by preponderance of females later in season.
Pachysphinx modesta, Dundas, June 10, 2011, Jared Fein.
Pachysphinx modesta, Peterborough, June 28, 2012, Paula Sheppard

Paonias excaecata Peterborough, July 6, July 11 (couple), 18 (1), 2005; June 1, 2007, Tim Dyson
Paonias excaecata male, courtesy of Chris Lee.
Paonias excaecata Almonte, 20 mi w of Ottawa, June 7, 2005, Sherleen Smithson.
Paonias excaecata in copula, hanging from Saskatoon berry tree in Flamborough, Ontario, July 18, 2009, courtesy of Ken Martin, also seen about two weeks earlier.
Paonias excaecata Whitby, July 7, 2011, courtesy of Melisa.
Paonias excaecata Markham, June 30, 2012, courtesy of Barron van Slyke.

Paonias myops Peterborough, June 10, 30 (2), July 11 (3), 13 (3), 16 (lots), 2005, Tim Dyson.
Paonias myops, May 30, 2006, July 2, 2008, Peterborough, Tim Dyson.
Paonias myops, June 12, 2008, 8:30 pm, Guelph, Farrah Trahan.
Paonias myops, July 7, 2008, Lindsay, Jim Scully.

Smerinthus cerisyi female, Peterborough, June 12-13, July 11, Tim Dyson.
Smerinthus cerisyi Guelph, May 3, 2006 (early spring!); June 24, Chris Lee.
Smerinthus cerisyi pairing, May 19, 2006, Osgood, Ontario, Bev Wigney.
Smerinthus cerisyi Peterborough, June 2-3, 8-9, 12-13, 2005, Tim Dyson.
Smerinthus cerisyi (2-3) Almonte, 20 mi west of Ottawa, June 4, Sherleen Smithson.
Smerinthus cerisyi Peterborough, May 23-24, 31, 2006, June 5 2008, Peterborough, Tim Dyson.
Smerinthus cerisyi male, Blind River area of northern Ontario, May 28, 2012, Ellen Parker.

Smerinthus jamaicensis Peterborough, May 26-27, 31, 2006, Tim Dyson.
Smerinthus jamaicensis Almonte, 20 mi west of Ottawa, June 4, 2005, Sherleen Smithson.
Smerinthus jamaicensis Peterborough, June 8-9, July 16 (1), 2005, Tim Dyson.
Smerinthus jamaicensis Guelph, July 23, 2005, Chris Lee.

Sphecodina abbottii Peterborough, June 7-8, 2005, June 5 2008, Tim Dyson.
Sphecodina abbottii Renfrew, larva, spring 2004, Judi Enright.
Peterborough, (six moths), May 31, 2006, June 5 2008, Tim Dyson
Sphecodina abbottii larva, Kenora, July 18, 2014, Irma and Greg Gerhmann
Sphecodina abbottii (green blotch form) larva, Muskoka, August 1, 2014, Emilie Shaw

Sphinx canadensis Peterborough, June 12-13, 30 (2), July 16 (1), Tim Dyson.

Sphinx chersis Peterborough, June 8-9, 30, July 11 (2), 13 (1), 16 (2), 19 (f), 21 (1), 2005, Tim Dyson.
Sphinx chersis larva, Murphy's Point PP, Perth, Ontario, August 25, 2004, Bev Wigney
Sphinx chersis fifth instar larva, Ottawa, Ontario, August 1, 2010, courtesy of Dan Chartrand.

Sphinx drupiferarum Peterborough, June 8-9, 12-13, 29, 2005, Tim Dyson.
Sphinx drupiferarum (three) Peterborough, May 29, 31, 2006, June 5 2008, July 2, 2008, Peterborough, Tim Dyson.

Sphinx kalmiae fifth instar caterpillar, Marmora, Ontario, July 2009, courtesy of Damian MacSeáin.
Sphinx kalmiae Peterborough, June 12-13, 16, 30 (many), July 11 (f), 13 (2), 16 (1), 18 (2), 2005, Tim Dyson.
Sphinx kalmiae Peterborough, May 31, 2006, July 2, 2008, Peterborough, Tim Dyson.

Sphinx poecila Peterborough, June 30-July 1, 2005, Tim Dyson.
Sphinx poecila (couple) Peterborough, May 29, 31, 2006, July 2, 2008, Peterborough, Tim Dyson.

Sphecodina abbottii larva, Almonte, 20 miles west of Ottawa, courtesy of Sherleen Smithson.

Manduca quinquemaculata quinquemaculata, Port Bruce, Ontario, Canada, July 9, 2005
courtesy of Jo Richardson and Jody Buchner.

Eumorpha achemon Norfolk County, Ontario, (just north of Lake Erie),
courtesy of Michael Patrikeev.

Manduca quinquemaculatus, just north of Emily Conservation Park,
between Lindsay and Peterborough, August 6, 2006, courtesy of Keith Mcconachie.

Manduca quinquemaculatus, Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada,
August, 2007, courtesy of Mike Kuhl.

On August 13, 2007 Michael Kuhl writes, "If you are interested, I can provide some pictures for you of both the green and black variants of Manduca quinquemaculatus, as they have recently been attacking my own tomato plants.

Darapsa myron feeding on grape, August 2, 2006, Peterborough, courtesy of Tim Dyson.

Ontario Sphingidae Recording Sheets:
Days 1-16 page 1 A. cingulata to S. cerisyi
Days 17-31 page 1 A. cingulata to S. cerisyi
Days 1-16 page 2 A. fadus to S. abbottii
Days 17-31 page 2 A. fadus to S. abbottii
Days 1-16 blank
Days 17-31 blank

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