Updated as per http://www.pybio.org/SPHINGINAE.htm (Paraguay), October 2007

Sphingidae of Paraguay

Xylophanes tersa Paraguay (widespread), courtesy of Ulf Drechsel.

Although I believe these "tribal" checklists contain only species within Paraguay, I fully expect there are many omissions. If you have corrections to offer, please contact
Bill Oehlke at oehlkew@islandtelecom.com.

I am most thankful to Jean Haxaire for sending me an electronic copy of Faune de Bolivie, Lépidoptères Sphingidae, Ecologie et systématique.

I have used Haxaire's list as a starting point, but have only included those species, from the list, generally recognized as flying in Argentina.

I have added those species whose specimen type locality is Argentina.

In September 2007, Paul Smith directed me to the site, Fauna Paraguay where a provisional checklist has been created, using Moré, Kitching & Cocucci - Sphingidae: Hawkmoths of Argentina; www.pybio.org; and this site: Oehlke - Hawkmoths of the Americas.

I have delisted the species not indicated by Paul Smith, and I have followed additions from Paul's list with his initials.


Agrius cingulatus
Amphimoea walkeri
Cocytius antaeus PS
Cocytius duponchel PS
Cocytius lucifer PS
Cocytius mephisto PS
Manduca albiplaga
Manduca armatipes
Manduca contracta PS
Manduca corumbensis PS
M. diffissa diffissa
M. diffisa mesosa
M. diffisa petuniae
M. diff. tropicalis IK
M. diffissa zischkai
Manduca florestan
Manduca fosteri PS
Manduca hannibal PS
Manduca incisa PS
Manduca lefeburii PS
Manduca lichenea
Manduca lucetius
Manduca manducoides
Manduca rustica PS
Manduca scutata PS
Manduca sexta paphus
Manduca sexta saliensis
Manduca undata PS
Neococytius cluentius
Neogene curitiba PS
Neogene dynaeus PS
Neogene intermedia PS
Neogene pictus
Neogene reevei


Adhemarius daphne PS
Adhem. eurysthenes UD
Adhemarius palmeri PS
Orecta lycidas eos
Protamb. astygonus PS
Protambulyx s. strigilis


Aellopos fadus
A. tantalus tantalus
Aellopos titan titan
Aleuron chloroptera PS
Aleuron iphis PS
Aleuron neglectum PS
Callionima falcifera PS
C. grises. grisescens
Callionima guiarti
Callionima inuus
Callionima nomius PS
Callionima parce PS
Enyo gorgon PS
Enyo japix PS
Enyo lugubris lugubris
Enyo ocypete PS
Enyo t. australis PS
Erinnyis alope
Erinnyis crameri
Erinnyis domingonis
Erinnyis ello
Erinnyis lassauxi
Erinnyis obscura PS
Erinnyis oenotrus
Eupyrrhoglossum sagra PS
Hemer. longistriga PS
H. triptolemus
Isognathus caricae PS
Isognathus leachii PS
Isognathus allamande
Madoryx bubastus PS
Madoryx oiclus PS
Madoryx plutonius PS
Nyceryx a. ixion PS
Nyceryx continua PS
Nyceryx furtadoi PS
Nyceryx nictitans PS
Nyceryx riscus PS
Pachylia ficus
Pachylia syces syces
Pachylioides resumens
Perigonia ilus PS
Perigonia pallida PS
Perigonia passerina
Phryxus caicus
Pseudosphinx tetrio


Eumorpha adamsi
Eumorpha analis
Eumorpha anchemolus
Eumorpha fasciata
Eumorpha labruscae PS
Eumorpha satellitia PS
Eumorpha vitis PS


Hyles euphorbiarum PS
Xylophanes anubus
X. ceratomioides
X. chiron nechus
X. depuiseti PS
X. elara PS
X. fosteri PS
X. isaon PS
X. kaempferi PS
X. libya PS
X. loelia PS
X. marginalis PS
X. pistacina PS
Xylophanes pluto
X. porcus PS
Xylophanes tersa tersa
X. thyelia PS
X. titana PS
X. tyndarus PS

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