The Sphingidae of Quebec

Sphecodina abbottii, Pointe Cliare, Quebec,
May 18, 2011, courtesy of Sylvain Miller

Sylvain Miller writes, "I would like to confirm the identification of these moths (above). Are they Sphecodina abbottii?

The first adult arrived on my fence May 17, 2010. On the morning of May 18, I saw the second one mating.

I reply, "Very nice picture of Sphecodina abbottii pairing. I request permission to post photo, credited to you. The female, first one, would have pupated underground somewhere near the fence. When she emerged, she climbed up the fence and that night, via a pheromone, called in the male and they paired. Female is upper moth. Male is lower moth."

I think Sphecodina abbottii must be a very common species in Quebec, as I am often sent images of larvae and adult moths of that species for identification purposes.

This website is designed and maintained by Bill Oehlke. Please send sightings (date, location, species) and/or images to Bill.

Sphinginae subfamily

Sphingini tribe:

Agrius cingulata rare migrant stray
Ceratomia amyntor
Ceratomia undulosa
Dolba hyloeus
Lapara bombycoides
Manduca quinquemaculata rare
Manduca rustica very rare
Sphinx canadensis
Sphinx chersis occasional
sphinx drupiferarum occasional
Sphinx eremitus
Sphinx gordius mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sphinx kalmiae
Sphinx luscitiosa rare
Sphinx poecila

Smerinthini Tribe:

Laothoe juglandis Amorpha juglandis
Pachysphinx modesta
Paonias astylus very rare
Paonias excaecatus
Paonias myops
Smerinthus cerisyi
Smerinthus jamaicensis

Macroglossinae subfamily

Dilophonotini tribe:mm

Aellopos titan rare migrant stray
Erinnyis ello rare migrant stray
Hemaris diffinis
Hemaris gracilis rare
Hemaris thysbe

Philampelini tribe:mm

Eumorpha achemon rare
Eumorpha fasciata rare
Eumorpha pandorus

Macroglossini tribe:

Amphion floridensis
Darapsa myron
Darapsa choerilus
Darapsa versicolor rare
Deidamia inscriptum occ.
Hyles euphorbiae
Hyles gallii occ.
Hyles lineata migrant
Proserpinus flavofasciatus *
Sphecodina abbottii
Xylophanes tersa rare stray

* = very rare

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List provided by Dave Clermont

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This website is designed and maintained by Bill Oehlke. Please send sightings (date, location, species) and/or images to Bill.

Sightings 2006

Sphecodina abbottii, Plateau district of Montreal, Quebec, May 27, Mike and Katya Epstein

Sphecodina abbottii larva, July 13, 2006, Granby, Quebec, about 40 miles South East of Montreal. It was discovered on the ground after trimming and shaking vines growing up the side of the house. I was also told that another specimen was brought in yesterday from a village nearby. Laurent Denault

Smerinthus cerisyi, Wilson Lake, near Kazabazua, Quebec,
May 20, 2007, courtesy of Jim Cumming.

Sphecodina abbottii larva (green form), August 5-8, 2007, St-Alphonse-de-Granby, Quebec,
courtesy of Gauvin Marielle.

Sphecodina abbottii larva (brown form), downtown Montreal , Quebec,
July 24, 2009, courtesy of Jennifer Morrison.

Hemaris thysbe, Gouin Reservoir, northern Quebec,
July 5, 2010, courtesy of Neil Cameron.

Visit Hemaris thysbe nectaring, Champlain Lookout, Gatineau Park, Quebec, June 3, 2011, courtesy of Giorgio Zanetti.

Visit Hemaris thysbe nectaring at pink phlox, Aylmer, Gatineau, August 2, 2010, courtesy of Michel Paradis.

Visit Hemaris thysbe nectaring at pink phlox, Laurentian, Quebec, August 2-15, 2010, courtesy of Ilania Abileah

Many thanks to Yohann Racine who sends me the following data for Havelock, Quebec for 2015. The number of specimens observed follows the species name.

Ceratomia amyntor 5
Ceratomia undulosa many
Lintneria eremitus 3
Sphinx canadensis 6
Sphinx kalmiae 1
Sphinx drupiferarum in Luskville Fall only one
Lapara bombyoides 6
Smerinthus jamaicensis many
Smerinthus cerisyi many
Paonias exaecata many
Paonias myops many
Pachysphinx modesta many
Hemaris thysbe many
Hemaris diffinis many
Eumorpha pandorus 5
Sphecodina abbottii many
Amphion floridensis many
Darapsa myron many
Darapsa choerilus 6
Hyles gallii 5

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