Specodina abbottii

Sphecodina abbottii larva, Kenora, Ontario,
July 18, 2014, Irma and Greg Gerhmann

Irma and Greg Gehrmann write, "I would like to know more about that strange looking caterpillar!

"We found him in our grapevine in Northwest Ontario, north of Kenora. Thank you in advance. We are looking forward to hear from you!"

I reply, "Thanks for thinking of me. This is a catpillar of one of the local sphinx moths, Sphecodina abbottii, the Abbott's Sphinx. Larvae feed on grape. You will find additional information about this species on my Ontario Sphingidae page at http://www.silkmoths.bizland.com/SphOntario.htm.

"There is also a link, providing instructions on caring for found larvae, on that page."

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