Worldwide Sphingidae Sites

Many of you have an interest in worldwide Sphingidae so I will begin to post links to what I consider to be outstanding sites from around the world.

Sphingidae of the Americas by Bill Oehlke.

Sphingidae of the Western Palaearctic by Tony Pittaway.

Sphingidae of the Eastern Palaearctic by A.R. Pittaway & I.J. Kitching (in association with Felix Lin).

Butterflies and Moths of Costa Rica by Dan Janzen.

Dan Janzen's site is searchable for butterflies and moths of Costa Rica, and it is one of the most comprehensive sites I have ever seen. The opening page of my Sphingidae of the Americas Site is named for Dan Janzen. I use many of his images with permission and credit on the Sphingidae of the Americas Site as well as on the WLSS and on Caterpillars Too!

If you are aware of other outstanding (Picture rich and information rich) sites, not covered by the above, please send me the URL for inclusion.

Bill Oehlke

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