Sphingidae of Tobago
Created/dedicated as per What's That Bug submission by Arthur C. Borror, mid February 2006; October 1, 2011

Sphingidae of Tobago

Eumorpha capronnieri, Tobago, mid February, 2006,
courtesy of Arthur C. Borror, via What's That Bug submission.

Although I believe these "tribal" checklists contain only species within Tobago, there are probably many omissions.

The list is very tentative as of October 1, 2011.

Agrius cingulata
Amphonyx duponchel
Cocytius antaeus
Man. albiplaga
Man. rustica harterti
Man. sexta jamaicensis
Neococytius cluentius

Protambulyx strigilis

Aellopos tantalus
Enyo lugubris
Erinnyis alope
Erinnyis crameri
Erinnyis ello
Erinnyis lassauxii
Erinnyis obscura
Madoryx oiclus
Pachylia ficus
Pachylia syces
Perigonia lusca
Pseudosphinx tetrio

Eum. capronnieri ACB
Eumorpha fasciatus
Eumorpha labruscae
E. satellitia licaon
E. vitis fuscatus

X. chiron lucianus
Xyloph. neoptolemus
Xylophanes pluto
Xylophanes tersa

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