Updated as per James P. Tuttle's The Hawk Moths of North America, August 31, 2008
Updated as per BAMONA, August 3, 2011; Updated July 26, 2014
All counties linked moth to larvae and Catocala and vice-versa, July 26, 2014

The Sphingidae of Vermont

Amphion floridensis, the Nessus Sphinx, June 8, 2008,
Saint Albans, Franklin County, Vermont, courtesy of Andre Dufault.

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Below the tables of scientific names, there is a listing of common names.

The USGS lists seventeen Sphingidae species from Vermont. I have added ten species, Dolba hyloeus, Sphinx chersis, Sphinx luscitiosa, Sphinx poecila, Paonias excaecata, Paonias myops, Darapsa choerilus, Darapsa versicolor, Hyles lineata and Sphecodina abbottii which I expect are also present. Based on James P. Tuttle's The Hawk Moths of North America, 2007, I have also added Sphinx canadensis, Sphinx gordius, Hemaris gracilis, Deidamia inscriptum and Proserpinus flavofasciata.

As of August 3, 2011, the BAMONA website, which has replaced the USGS website, lists twenty species vouchered in Vermont. As of July 26, 2014, the BAMONA list now includes twenty-three species. I think there are probably thirty-four species present.

Please help confirm distributions by reporting sightings to Bill Oehlke

Sphinginae subfamily

Sphingini tribe:

Agrius cingulata stray
Ceratomia amyntor T
Ceratomia undulosa T
Dolba hyloeus T
Lapara bombycoides T
Lintneria eremitus T
Manduca quinquemaculatus T wwwwwwwwwwwwww
Sphinx canadensis T
Sphinx chersis T
Sphinx drupiferarum T
Sphinx gordius T
Sphinx kalmiae T
Sphinx luscitiosa T
Sphinx poecila T

Smerinthini Tribe:

Amorpha juglandis T
Pachysphinx modesta T
Paonias excaecata T
Paonias myops T
Smerinthus cerisyi T
Smerinthus jamaicensis T

Macroglossinae subfamily

Dilophonotini tribe:mm

Hemaris diffinis T
Hemaris gracilis T
Hemaris thysbe T

Philampelini tribe:mm

Eumorpha achemon XS
Eumorpha pandorus T

Macroglossini tribe:

Amphion floridensisT
Darapsa choerilus T
Darapsa myron T
Darapsa versicolor T
Deidamia inscriptum T
Hyles gallii T
Hyles lineata T
Pro. flavofasciata N 3/4
Sphecodina abbottii T

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Agrius cingulata
Ceratomia amyntor
Ceratomia undulosa
Dolba hyloeus
Lapara bombycoides
Lintneria eremitus
Manduca quinquemaculataw
Sphinx canadensis
Sphinx chersis
Sphinx drupiferarum
Sphinx gordius
Sphinx kalmiae
Sphinx lucitiosa
Sphinx poecila

Amorpha juglandis
Pachysphinx modesta
Paonias excaecata
Paonias myops
Smerinthus cerisyi
Smerinthus jamaicensis

Hemaris diffinis
Hemaris gracilis
Hemaris thysbe

Eumorpha achemon
Eumorpha pandorus

Amphion floridensis
Darapsa choerilus (was pholus)
Darapsa myron
Darapsa versicolor
Hyles gallii
Hyles lineata
Proserpinus flavofasciata
Sphecodina abbottii

Pink-spotted Hawk Moth
Elm Sphinx or Four-horned Sphinx
Waved Sphinx
Pawpaw Sphinx
Northern Pine Sphinx
Hermit Sphinx
Five-spotted hawkmoth
Canadian Sphinx
Great Ash Sphinx
Wild Cherry Sphinx
Apple Sphinx
Laurel Sphinx
Clemen's Sphinx
Poecila Sphinx

Walnut sphinx
Poplar Sphinx or Modest Sphinx
Blinded Sphinx
Small-eyed Sphinx
cerisyi's Sphinx
Twin-spotted Sphinx

Snowberry Clearwing or Bumblebee Moth
Graceful Clearwing
Hummingbird Clearwing

Achemon Sphinx
Pandorus Sphinx

Nessus Sphinx
Azalea Sphinx
Virginia Creeper or Grapevine Sphinx
Hydrangea Sphinx
Bedstraw Hawk Moth or Gallium Sphinx
White-lined Sphinx
Yellow-banded Day Sphinx
Abbott's Sphinx

Hyles gallii, Greensborough, Vermont, July 26, 2005, courtesy of Aaron M. Kromash

Eumorpha pandorus northwestern Vermont, September 16, 2006, courtesy of Irv Goldman.

Individual county checklists (adult moths): Counties will be completed as sightings arrive. Currently only those in red are active.

Grand Isle





Individual county checklists (larvae=caterpillars): Counties will be completed as sightings arrive. Currently only those in red are active.

Grand Isle





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