Adhemarius mexicanus
Updated as per personal communication with Jean Haxaire
Updated as per personal communication with Manual Balcazar-Lara
Updated as per CATE Sphingidae (Jalapa, Veracruz, Mexico); August 8, 2011
Updated as per personal communication with Hubert Mayer (Patla, Puebla, Mexico; July); August 8, 2011
Updated as per personal comunication with Vladim Kroutov (Veracruz, Mexico, male and female; recto and verso images); June 16, 2014

Adhemarius mexicanus
Balcázar & Beutelspacher, 2001

Adhemarius mexicanus, courtesy of Jean Haxaire

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Superfamily: Sphingoidea, Dyar, 1902
Family: Sphingidae, Latreille, 1802
Subfamily: Sphinginae, Latreille, 1802
Tribe: Smerinthini, Grote & Robinson, 1865
Genus: Adhemarius, Oiticica, 1939
Species: mexicanus, Balcázar & Beutelspacher, 2001


copyright C. Odenkirk
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Adhemarius mexicanus flies in
Mexico: Jalisco; to Puebla: Patla; Veracruz: Jalapa; and Oaxaca.

Adhemarius mexicanus male, Patla, Puebla, Mexico,
July 2003, courtesy of Hubert Mayer

The pronunciation of scientific names is troublesome for many. The "suggestion" at the top of the page is merely a suggestion. It is based on commonly accepted English pronunciation of Greek names and/or some fairly well accepted "rules" for latinized scientific names.

The suggested pronunciations, on this page and on other pages, are primarily put forward to assist those who hear with internal ears as they read.

There are many collectors from different countries whose intonations and accents would be different.

Some of the early describers/namers chose genus and species names indicating some character of the insect, but more often, they simply chose names from Greek or Roman mythology or history.

Those species names which end in "ensis" indicate a specimen locale, and those which end in "i", pronounced "eye", honour a contempory friend/collector/etc.

José Oiticica Filho (1906 - 1964), the French entomologist/photographer who assigned the genus name, Adhemarius, possibly chose the name from Adhemarus, the fifth and last of the old counts of Querci (Verdun, France) who died in 880 AD.

The species name, mexicana, recognizes the specimen type locality, Mexico.

Adhemarius mexicanus, Mexico, courtesy of Hubert Mayer copyright.

Adhemarius mexicanus male, Veracruz, Mexico,
courtesy of Vadim Kroutov


Adhemarius mexicanus probably produces at least two broods annually. Hubert Mayer reports a July flight in Patla, Puebla, Mexico. Adhemarius mexicanus larvae probably feed upon ??

Adhemarius mexicanus, Mexico, courtesy of Manuel Balcazar-Lara.

Adhemarius mexicanus female, Veracruz, Mexico,
courtesy of Vadim Kroutov


Females are slightly larger than males.

Adhemarius mexicanus Pair, Veracruz, Mexico,
courtesy of Vadim Kroutov

Adhemarius mexicanus Pair (verso), Veracruz, Mexico,
courtesy of Vadim Kroutov


Larval Food Plants

Listed below are primary food plant(s) and alternate food plants. It is hoped that this alphabetical listing followed by the common name of the foodplant will prove useful. The list is not exhaustive. Experimenting with closely related foodplants is worthwhile.

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