Ceratomia undulosa

Ceratomia undulosa
seer-a-TOHM-ee-uhmm un-dew-LOH-suh
The Waved Sphinx
(Walker, 1856) Daremma undulosa

Ceratomia undulosa, May 24, 2006, Guelph, Ontario, courtesy of Chris Lee.

Chris writes, "We had a rather large waved sphinx at the backyard lights tonight (May 24). Based on the usual flight period which begins in mid-June for our area, this appears to be another early bird."

In a previous year, Chris has reported this species as late as July 23.

We (Bill Oehlke, Prince Edward Island) appear to be having an early spring in 2006. I expect that there will be sightings for all of northeastern North America about two to three weeks "ahead of schedule."

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