Joan Rickert

Joan F. Rickert

Joan F. Rickert has sent me many images of Catocala and Sphingidae (larvae and adults) from her area in Medford (Taylor County), Wisconsin. The images and data are great additions to the Wisconsin Catocala, the North American Catocala, the Taylor County Sphingidae and the Sphingidae of the Americas websites.

Joan's excellent images and data are a great help to many people who want to know what to expect or what they have encountered in their own local areas.

Below are a few examples of her photography.

Catocala unijuga, courtesy of Joan F. Rickert, Taylor County, Wisconsin,
September 03, 2006, id by Bill Oehlke.

Amphion floridensis May 31, 2008, courtesy of Joan F. Rickert.

Ceratomia undulosa, Medford, Wisconsin, courtesy of Joan F. Rickert

Jaon also contributes data to Caterpillars Too!, a private North American butterfly websites, emphasizing caterpillars as well as adult butterflies.

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