Nigel Venters

Nigel Venters

Nigel Venters, Calilegua, Jujuy, Argentina, January 19, 2011.

Hyles euphorbiarum female, Los Altos, Rio Ceballos, Cordoba, Argentina,
November 26, 2007, courtesy of Nigel Venters

Nigel Venters has a keen interest in Sphingidae and Saturniidae and is now collecting in Argentina, where he now (2009) resides. He has sent some beautiful images and useful information. It is very nice to have the wingspans, dates, elevations and precise locations that Nigel has been sending.

Nigel is also rearing and has been sending new food plant discoveries as well as images of early instars and foodplants and observations.

Email: Nigel Venters.

Manduca sexta subspecies from Rio Ceballos in Cordoba Province, Argentina,
courtesy of Nigel Venters.

The larva pictured above is from a relatively small Manduca species. Both Jean Marie Cadiou and Jean Haxaire indicate it is probably one of the Manduca sexta subspecies or a new species.

Copaxa flavina miranda male, Tafe de Valle, Tucuman, Argentina,
107mm, November 26, 2008, 2000m, courtesy of Nigel Venters.

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