Sam Jaffe

Hemaris thysbe, fifth instar (on arrowwood viburnum), Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts,
October 6, 2008, courtesy/copyright of Sam Jaffe.

This page is inspired by and dedicated to Sam Jaffe of Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Sam has provided the Hemaris thysbe image at the top of the page.

Of the H. thysbe larva, Sam writes, "Collected 10/6/2008 from Arrowwood Viburnum in Medfield, MA. This specimen was an absolutely beautiful blue/green color when I plucked him off his host plant, but when I took him out to photograph, his color had drained and his back had turned brown. I guess he was in a real rush to pupate. bah!"

I visited Sam's Pbase website and asked if I could post some of his Sphingidae larval images on my sites.

Sam responded, "I have run into your website before and it has been helpful in teaching myself how to find some of these tricky caterpillars. Actually, this summer has been amazing - before I started taking photographs my livingroom was knee deep in Fawn, Waved, Abbotts, Hog, Lettered, and Elm Sphinx - I feel like an idiot for not taking any pictures now - but there is always next year.

"Feel free to use my photographs on your site - I just replaced the old sphinx photos on my site with versions that have a copyright blurb in the corner - if you could use these new versions I would appreciate it. I have found many sphinxes over the last two years between Readville, Boston and my work in Millis."

I look forward to seeing and posting the Sphingidae images that Sam is able to provide next summer. He has a great many beautiful images of butterfly and moth larvae on his website at

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