Tomas Melichar

Perigonia lefebvraei male, Cuba, courtesy of Tomas Melichar.

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Tomas Melichar has recently sent me images of many rare Sphingidae from Cuba. Tomas is interested in purchases, sales and/or trades. Contact him by email at Tomas Melichar.

He writes, "My name is Tomas Melichar and I am from Czech Republic. I find your website and its really interesting. I am collecting only Sphingidae family members, and I have more than 100,000 pieces in my collection. I am publishing the magazine named The European Entomologist. I was focusing recently on Cuba, and I have specimens of around 90% of the species from this area. I would like to cooperate with you on species from America, and I can send you photos and information from Cuba.

"I like to ask if you have some contacts for Americans collectors of Sphingidae. I will be very happy if I can start to cooperate with them."

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