Xylophanes schausi schausi

Xylophanes schausi schausi
(Rothschild, 1894)

Xylophanes schausi schausi courtesy of John Vriesi.

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Family: Sphingidae, Latreille, 1802
Subfamily: Macroglossinae, Harris, 1839
Tribe: Macroglossini, Harris, 1839
Genus: Xylophanes Hubner [1819] ...........
Species: schausi schausi Rothschild, 1894


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Xylophanes schausi schausi moths (wingspan: mm) fly in Brazil (specimen type locality), Bolivia and Venezuela ??. The population from Venezuela is now treated as subspecies serenus.

"Distal margin of forewing strongly convex. Abdomen without dorsal lines. Postmedian lines dentate; the two proximal faint, but traceable from the costal to the inner margin; the third barely indicated; the fourth marked by dots on the veins; an apical semi-lunar area present between Rs3 and Rs4, generally continuous with an oblique line that ends at a patch between M1 and M2; a conspicuous olive-green submarginal patch present between M1 and M3. Oblique apical band of forewing underside that borders the marginal band about 7mm from outer margin at M2, sharply narrowing posteriorly. Pale median band pale olive-brown." CATE


Xylophanes schausi schausi adults probably brood continuously.


Pupae probably wiggle to surface from subterranean chambers just prior to eclosion.


Females call in the males with a pheromone released from a gland at the tip of the abdomen. Males come in to lights very readily, but females are seldom taken in that way.


Larvae probably feed on plants of the Rubiaceae and Malvaceae families.

Moths emerge approximately one-two months after larvae pupate.

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