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Behold how sightless eyes
on silent wings
which fly in darkness

Glow soft light and lift
our minds to hear
those thoughts which whisper truth

This mother moth
was once a girdled ovum
securely sealed
high in a leafy tree

No wind nor rain
nor predators of nature
would harm the young
developing within

And then one day
midst morning's warming rays
new life burst forth
new life burst forth

A mighty change
brought forth a mortal form
To start new life
To start anew

Behold how green translucence
which cannot soar
and will yet endure the darkest cold

Seeks warmth and light today
before it drops to earth
to rest in silken, silent darkness.

These sleeping forms
await a change so mighty
that bonds will break
to set the captives free

And then they'll climb
to make a needful journey
before they soar
On wings they never owned

On that great day
past noontime's warming rays
when life burst forth
a gift from God

The mighty change
brought forth a favored form
To start new life
To carry on

If only man could see his fate
And listened to the wind
He might not doubt the miracle
To which there is no end

by Bill Oehlke

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