Macroglossum pyrrhosticta
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Macroglossum pyrrhosticta
Butler, 1875

Macroglossum pyrrhostictum courtesy of Jean Haxaire

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Family: Sphingidae, Latreille, 1802
Subfamily: Sphinginae, Latreille, [1802]
Tribe: Sphingini, Latreille, 1802
Genus: Macroglossum Scopoli, 1777 ...........
Species: pyrrhosticta Butler, 1875


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The Hummingbird Hawk Moth, Macroglossum pyrrhosticta, flies in Hawaii, and has an extended range across the Pacific Ocean to the Philippines and into Asia, including China, Korea and Japan.


Macroglossum pyrrhosticta adults fly from April through August to October (EH).

Eric Hossler sends the following sighting:

Macroglossum pyrrhosticta - adults feeding at flowers in Pahoa, Big Island, October 2010, at dusk. Many adults also at light in Pahoa town (at a restaurant - easily a dozen found at one address). I did not see any adults at flowers during the day but I didn't spend a lot of time looking.


Pupae probably wiggle to surface from subterranean chambers just prior to eclosion.


Females call in the males with a pheromone released from a gland at the tip of the abdomen. Adults take nectar from flowers.

I believe this species is a day flier, but females probably nectar at flowers at night during ovipositing flights.


Larvae are referred to as maile pilau hornworms.

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Macroglossum pyrrhostictum