Bill Oehlke

Bill Oehlke of Montague, Prince Edward Island, in eastern Canada has been rearing and selling moths (Saturniidae, Sphingidae, Catocala) and butterflies for over half a century.

He shares his passion for this hobby and small business via the numerous websites he has created and the livestock he offers for sale.

Bill can be reached by email at any one of the following email addresses:; preferred

Bill can also be reached by phone at 902-838-3455. I am one hour east of the Eastern Standard Time Zone so it is one hour later here than it is along all of the Atlantic Coast of the United States. Please keep that in mind if you are making a phone call. I usually retire by 11:00 pm my time. I prefer most correspondence to be through email.

I accept payment for livestock (eggs, cocoons, pupae), rearing sleeves, and website membership registrations via personal checks (US or Canadian), via Cashier's checks drawn on a US or Canadian bank or via Paypal in US funds.

If you are sending a payment other than by Paypal the payment should be made out to and sent to

Bill Oehlke
Box 476
Montague, PE, C0A 1R0

The current (2014) postage rate for letter mail from US to Canada is $1.15. Please check with your local post office to make sure you attach appropriate postage to your envelope if you are sending a payment via the mail.

I have been in business for a very long time and have an excellent reputation. A Google search for my name will bear this out.

My silkmoth business is registered with the Canadian government, and I pay all appropriate taxes on profits from this business venture.

My public Saturniidae website is now at

Thousands of hours have gone into the creation and maintenance of two very substantial websites:

1) Sphingidae of the Americas where there are extensive files and national checklists for just about all countries in North, South and Central America. There are also active checklists for all Canadian Provinces and US states on the Sphingidae of the Americas website.

2) where just about every Catocala species (underwing moths) from Canada and or the United States is depicted. There are also active provincial and state checklists.

My greatest interest is with the Saturniidae, often referred to as giant silkmoths or emperor moths. In addition to the very small public website that I have created and maintain at, I have also created and maintain an enormous website called the World's Largest Saturniidae Site which features pictures of over 1550 different worldwide Saturniidae species and information about those species, and files with information covering just about all of the world's Saturniidae species. There are active checklists for just about every country in the world. There are special id charts to help with determinations of look-alike species. There are foodplants, flight seasons and ranges given when they have been cited in scientific literature.

In addition to the tens of thousands of hours that I have devoted to the creation and maintenance of the WLSS, which has been operational for the last fifteen plus years, I have spent literally thousands of dollars purchasing the most credible hardcopy references to make the material on site as accurate and up to date as possible.

The WLSS is a private membership site requiring a one-time-life-time (my lifetime) registration fee of $45.00 US. I will be 67 years old in July of 2015, and hope to be around and active in the hobby for at least another 15 years. Both of my parents are still alive so I have good longevity genes.

The WLSS site exists in duplicate form on two separate locations to ensure its continuity. I pay for webspace rental to both those service providers.

People who order cocoons or eggs from me, who wish to take out a membership in the same year that they order livestock, can get a special membership rate of $25.00 instead of $45.00. There is also usually a discount on egg and cocoon prices for members, except when there is a special sale.

I also have created and maintain another private website with less investment of time or money. This website is called Caterpillars, Too! and covers butterflies from Canada and the United states. Many outstanding photographers have provided images for both private sites. Caterpillars, Too! is designed to help you identify and rear the butterfly species and their caterpillars which you are most likely to see in your own area.

There are advertisments for the two private sites at WLSS: Worldwide Saturniidae and Caterpillars, Too! via the links to the left and above. There is a one time membership registration fee of $20.00 for Caterpillars Too!. Membership fees are used to cover webspace rental fees, purchase refenence materials, maintain computer equipment. When there is extra registration money arriving beyond the costs of operating the two sites, the money is donated to humanitarian aid.

I also maintain two other very small public sites:
Arctiidae: Tiger Moths; Whoolly Bears
Caterpillar Identification Help