Carlos G. C. Mielke

Periphoba moseri male, courtesy of Carlos Mielke.

Carlos G. C. Mielke of Brazil has sent me many images of Saturniidae and Sphingidae from Brazil, and he frequently helps with identifications.

Recently (November 2006) he has sent images of newly described (by himself and Eurides Furtado) Periphoba species from Brazil.

Periphoba galmeidai C. Mielke & Furtado, 2006 - honor to Guilherme Almeida Locality: Serra do Penitente, Balsas, Maranhão, Brazil.

Periphoba moseri C. Mielke & Furtado, 2006 - honor to Alfred Moser Locality: Açailândia, Maranhão, Brazil.

Periphoba pessoai C. Mielke & Furtado, 2006 - honor to Antônio Pessoa Locality: Serra da Meruoca, Ceará, Brazil.

Periphoba tangerini C. Mielke & Furtado, 2006 - honor to Nirton Tangerini Locality: Cilu, Vianópolis, Federal District, Brazil.

He indicates, "All males are the holotypes, all females are paratypes."

Dr. Mielke also has an extensive collection and has indicated he will be sending images of many of the less common Saturniidae species, many of which are still missing from the WLSS.

In November of 2011 Carlos sends a beautiful image of a live Copiopteryx semiramis montei male, taken by wife, Elyana Joerke.

Copiopteryx semiramis montei male, Feira Nova do Maranhao, Maranhao, Brazil,
October 30, 2011, courtesy of Elyana Joerke, via husband Carlos Mielke.

Carlos has also sent an image of a live male Rhescynthis reducta, courtesy of Elyana Joerke.

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