Ezequiel Osvaldo Núñez Bustos

Manduca diffissa larva, Argentina, courtesy of Ezequiel Osvaldo Núñez Bustos,
Martín García Island, on the Río de la Plata and near Uruguay.

Ezequiel Osvaldo Núñez Bustos of Argentina has a keen interest in Sphingidae, and he will be sending images and data from his country.

Manduca diffissa pupa, Argentina, courtesy of Ezequiel Osvaldo Núñez Bustos.

Ezequiel reports this species feeds on Green Cestrum (Cestrum parquii) of the Solanaceae family.

Ezequiel has also begun to send me Saturniidae images as he seeks out Sphingidae from northern and eastern Argentina.

Eacles imperialis magnifica female, Martinez, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
October 2007, courtesy/copyright Ezequiel Bustos, id by Carlos Mielke.

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