Leonardo Aguado

Leonardo Aguado

In October of 2011 Leonardo Aguado contacted me about submission and use of Saturniidae and Sphingidae digital images from Argentina. He has sent me quite a few images, and I will be updating species files. Leonardo's report of Dirphiopsis epiolina in Tucuman, Argentina, represents a significant range extension into north western Argentina. Previously, in Argentina, I only had it listed in Misiones Province.

Dirphiopsis epiolina male, Rio Cochuna, Depto Chicligasta, Tucuman, Argentina,
January 1, 2008, courtesy of Leonardo Aguado.

Leonardo's submission of the following image represents a new documentation for Xylophanes nabuchodonosor in Argentina as far as I know.

Xylophanes nabuchodonosor, Parque Nacional Baritu, Salta, Argentina,
October 1989, courtesy of Leonardo Aguado,
id and digital repair by Bill Oehlke (Oct. 6, 2011).

Leonardo has also sent me an image of Lintneria justiciae from Misiones, Argentina, as well as other Sphingidae and Saturniidae from different locales in Argentina. Many of the images are indicative of range extensions into Argentinian provinces not previously listed for the respective species.

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