Quercus rubra

Northern Red Oak
Quercus rubra

Northern Red Oak, Quercus rubra, courtesy/copyright Ron White.

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The following species are listed by HOSTS - a Database of the World's Lepidopteran Hostplants.

Catocala amica
Catocala connubialis
Catocala herodias
Catocala ilia
Catocala lineella

Erynnis horatius
Erynnis juvenalis
Satyrium calanus
Satyrium caryaevorum
Satyrium liparops

Actias luna
Aglia tau
Anisota finlaysoni
Anisota oslari
Anisota peigleri
Anisota senatoria
Anisota stigma
Anisota virginiensis
Antheraea polyphemus
Automeris cecrops
Automeris io
Automeris randa
Automeris zephyria
Bathyphlebia eminens
Eacles imperialis
Eacles oslari
Hemileuca maia
Hemileuca tricolor
Hyalophora cecropia

Ceratomia undulosa

If you have had success utilizing this host for any Saturniidae species, please let me know. Thanks. Bill Oehlke.

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