Sphecodina abbottii

by Mike and Katya Epstein

Sphecodina abbottii courtesy of Mike and Katya Epstein

Mike and Katya Epstein write, May 27, 2006

"Hi Bill,

"My wife and I were visited tonight by the specimen in the attached pictures, which we've tentatively identified as an Abbott's Sphinx. He (or she) flew into our bedroom about 9pm and we caught him, photographed him, and released him into our backyard where there extensive grape vines for his offspring to feed on. Unfortunately, just seconds after he regained his freedom, our cat got him and trotted triumphantly off into the bushes with her prize.

"We live in the Plateau district of Montreal, Quebec, not far from the downtown core.

"We found your website by Googling "Abbott's Sphinx".

Thanks, Mike and Katya,
Yes, it is the Abbott's Sphinx, and cats and skunks do like to eat moths and other insects. I visit many lights at night and frequently encounter skunks just waiting for a beetle or moth to hit the ground. I've also seen other cats make a quick meal of a moth.

Sphecodina abbottii, underside, courtesy of Mike and Katya Epstein

Please help build the data base by sending additional sightings, preferably with images to Bill Oehlke.

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