Eochroa trimeni male copyright Kirby Wolfe

The World's Largest Saturniidae Site features information files woven around spectacular images from around the world.

Over seven hundred files contain extensive food plant lists (Latin and Common names) to aid those who wish to rear these beautiful insects.

There are thousands of images depicting moths and/or their larvae in natural conditions. These images come from around the world.

I have chosen six sample files which you can enjoy by clicking on the hypertext below.

Citheronia regalis eastern North America.

Titae tamerlan from South America.

Gynanisa maja from Africa.

Imbrasia ertli from Africa.

Archaeoattacus edwardsi from southern Asia.

Coscinoscera hercules from Australia.

Perisomena caecigena from Europe.

All of the large Saturniidae found in the United States are depicted. The listing of Ceratocampinae (Regal moths like imperialis and regalis from the U.S.), primarily from South and Central America is extensive. There are representatives from almost all of classified Saturniidae genera and complete taxonomies are given for over one thousand moth species.

A sample county by county distribution map for the state of Illinois is available by clicking on Illinois Counties map. Similarmaps have been or will be constructed for all states. Most of the European and Asian countries have active checklists; maps for Central and South American countries are being developed.

The $40.00 U.S. site registration fee is a ONE TIME-LIFE TIME (mine) membership fee, allowing access to over one thousand different species through an easy-to-navigate-index.

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