All materials listed can be ordered via email to Bill Oehlke at or via regular mail:

Bill Oehlke
P.O. Box 476
155 Peardon Road
Montague, PE, C0A 1R0

I ship to both Canadian and United States destinations.

I live on Prince Edward Island in eastern Canada and usually rear the following six indigenous Saturniidae species during the summer, and I offer livestock of same from September (best month to order) into early winter: Actias luna, Anisota virginiensis, Antheraea polyphemus, Dryocampa rubicunda, Hyalophora cecropia, Hyalophora columbia. In Canada, as of January 8, 2015, I am currently sold out except for a small number of Actias luna cocoons and a small number of Pachysphinx modesta pupae. Some years I rear additional local Sphingidae species, and occasionally I rear some Canadian Tiger Swallowtails (Pterourus canadensis and offer the pupae for sale. Shipping costs within Canada vary, based on the size of your order and your actual destination.

I also work with a number of experienced breeders in the United States who rear livestock for me. I or one of my US shipping partners ships livestock from within the US to US destinations in the fall or winter. As of January 8, 2015, for US distribution, I am currently sold out except for Actias luna, Antheraea polyphemus, Callosamia promethea, and Hyalophora cecropia. I also still have a very small number of Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Pterourus glaucus) pupae. Shipping and handling to US destinations is a flat fee of $9.00 whether you order one item or twenty items, etc.

If you wish to purchase livestock, please send all of the following information in your initial email enquiry:
1) Complete shipping address
2) Species and quantities desired
3) Desired payment method: personal check, cashier's check, Paypal.

Always confirm availability of stock, preferably by email, before sending payment. Livestock only is available. Dead specimens are not sold; referrals are not provided. I deal exclusively with North American species.

Order early before supplies are depleted. The best time to order is usually early October for US customers. All USA cocoon/chrysalid/pupae orders must include one $9.00 (2015 rate for shipping within US) postage and handling fee for the entire order. In Canada the postage amount willl vary depending upon the size of the order and your actual address. I cannot give you a price quote without that information.

Personal checks are preferred method of payment, but I can also except cashier's checks drawn on a US bank, international money orders in US funds, or payment by Paypal. I am not set up to handle any payments by credit cards.

There is a discount of approximately 10% on most items (cocoons, chrysalids and pupae) for all members of the WORLD'S LARGEST SATURNIIDAE SITE club. Details at

Members' prices are printed in red.


The following species are usually available in the fall, but many species quickly sell out.

Citheronia regalis, Hickory Horned Devil, real beauty, larvae approach six inches.
$17.50/pair of pupae sold out
Complete care online at....
Click for Regalis Notes
Click for Emergence Cage
Click for
Ovrwntrng Care

Actias luna one of the most trouble free silkmoths to rear.
Strongly recommended for beginners.
Does well indoors or out. $4.60/cocoon
still available

Callosamia promethea cocoons hang from trees throughout the winter and are easy to find.
Females: brown; males: black. $4.75/cocoon
still available

Callosamia angulifera: Tulip Tree Moth. Caterpillars feed on Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip tree) $6.75 not available in 2014-2015

Cocoons of Antheraea polyphemus Easy to rear on oak, maple, birch. $5.10 still available

Samia cynthia was introduced into U.S. in late 1800's to establish a silk industry. Populations are in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey. $5.50 sold out

Ouch! Automeris io larvae feed in groups, can give nasty sting.
Females: reddish-brown forewings; males: yellow. $5.50 sold out

Hyalophora columbia closely resemble cecropia. Larvae: three sets of red tubercles; willow; cherry; prefer juniper/tamarack/larch. $6.75 SOLD OUT!

Hyalo. cecropia one of North America's largest silkmoths. Larvae get humongous! $6.25
still available


Pachysphinx modesta, the Modest Sphinx or Poplar Sphinx, has a heavy body. Larvae are chunky and not as elongated as some of the other Sphingids. $4.00 Canada only
still available

Paonias excaecata, The Blinded Sphinx, has striking underwings and takes its name from the blurred, blue-gray "iris" in the under wing.

not available 2014-15

Darapsa choerilus (was pholus), The Azalea Sphinx, has striking orange underwings. Green larvae darken just before pupation.

Pupae are very active. $3.00 not available 2014-2015


Black Swallowtail, Papilio polyxenes asterius, larvae are often found in the garden on carrots, parsley, celery and related plants. SOLD OUT

Spicebush Swallowtail females have powdery blue scales on lower wings; males are adorned wth green scales. Larvae hide by day in a leaf furl. SOLD OUT

Tiger Swallowtails like to drink at mud puddles and along river banks as well as nectar at flowers.

$4.90 still available

Zebra Swallowtails real beauties with strongly contrasting pale yellow (almost white) forewings with black stripes. Pawpaw feeders. $6.00 not available 2014-15

I also sell Saturniidae eggs in the spring and summer and will soon post a link to an egg price list from this page.

Prior to beginning of 2015, I had a public website on webspace provided by my phone company for the pleasure of making my phone calls and operating an email account with them. The webspace they were providing is no longer available so I am in the process of moving all files to a new location. It may be a while before I get everything up and running again.

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