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The following index will let you quickly find specific moths and butterflies encountered along Tim Dyson's bait trail in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, or will let you access specific Catocala species files and other articles with pictures and information compiled and written by Bill Oehlke.

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Catocala cerogama on walk
Catocala cerogama species file

Catocala grynea on walk
Catocala grynea species file

Catocala relicta on walk
Catocala relicta species file

Catocala concumbens on walk
Catocala concumbens species file

Catocala cara on walk
Catocala cara species file

Catocala unijuga on walk
Catocala unijuga species file

Catocala amatrix on walk
Catocala amatrix species file

Catocala semirelicta on walk
Catocala semirelicta species file

Catocala briseis on walk
Catocala briseis species file

Catocala parta on walk
Catocala parta species file

Catocala meskei on walk
Catocala meskei species file

Catocala ultronia on walk
Catocala ultronia species file

Catocala blandula on walk
Catocala blandula species file

Catocala mira on walk
Catocala mira species file

Other Noctuidae on walk

Polygonia interrogationis on day-time walk
Polygonia interrogationis species file

Other Visitors: Slug and Snail

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Screech Owl Encounter

Female Screech Owl
Peterborough, Ontario
Tim Dyson image

Sammy the Slug; Children's Fiction

Other moth visitors encountered along the trail include the following:

Amphipyra pyramidoides
Spodoptera frugiperda
Lambdina fiscellaria
Trichordestra legitima
Feltia subgothica
Haematopis grataria
Campaea perlata
Xanthia tatago
Peridroma saucia
Plume moth ?
Scoliopteryx libatrix
Melanchra adjuncta
Nematocampa limbata-resistaria
Agrotis ipsilon
Tolype velleda
Noctua pronuba
Zale lunata form edusa
Idia americalis
Xylena nupera
Phlogophora periculosa
Idia lubricalis
Desmia funeralis
Xestia dolosa

Other non-moth visitors encountered along the trail include the following:

Ambystoma laterale
Vespula maculata

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