The Thibaud Decaens Collection

Carnegia mirabilis male, Ipassa Research Station, Ivindo National Park, Ogooue-Ivindo, Gabon,
November 2009, courtesy of Thibaud Decaens.

Images of the following Saturniidae from Bolivia and Colombia and from around the world have recently been sent to me by Thibaud Decaens of France. This section will now feature images of live moths.

New images for May 2012:

Eacles ducalis, Brazil, gynandromorph, female and larvae

Graellsia isabellae, Queyras, France, male and female

Thibaud DecaŽns (pictures bottom of page) thanks all those who have helped him collect and rear Saturniidae species. He is "particularly grateful to Kirby Wolfe for transmiting him his inspiration and knowledge of macrophotography."

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Actias luna North America, male, female, larval instars 1, 2, 5
Actias maenas Indonesia, male and larva
Actias sinensis aberration, China, male
Actias sinensis, China, female
Actias sinensis China, male and larva

Adeloneivaia catoxantha lacrimata male, Embrapa Forest Reserve, Moju, Para, Brazil.

Antheraea pernyi, China, male, female and larva
Antheraea polyphemus U.S.A., female

Antherina suraka, Madagascar, male, female and larva

Attacus caesar, Asia, female

Automeris amanda limpida Peru, female and larva
Automeris banus argentifera Western Ecuador - Colombia, male, female and larva
Automeris chacona, Peru, male, female and larva
Automeris gabriellae Bolivia-Peru, male and larva
Automeris incarnata Eastern Colombia - Venezuela, male, female and larva
Automeris io northeastern North America, males and female
Automeris liberia Peru and South America, male, female and larva
Automeris pamina southwestern United States, male and female
Automeris zurobara Colombia - Venezuela, male and larva

Carnegia mirabilis Gabon

Citheronia hamifera eastern Peru, male and larva

Citioica anthonilis male, Gurupi Biological Reserve, Maranhao, Brazil, April

Copaxa decrescens Panama and South America, male, female and larvae
Copaxa flavobrunnea female, Parana, Brazil
Copaxa multifenestrata Peru, male, female and larva
Copaxa orientalis Ecuador - Colombia, male
Copaxa rufa Mexico, male, female and larva
Copaxa sapatoza Colombia, male, female and larva

Dirphia avia Colombia and South America, male

Eacles imperialis opaca, Argentina, male, female and larva
Eacles ormandei niepelti Western Ecuador - Colombia, male, female and larva

Erythromeris saturniata male, Sogamoso, Boyaca Department, Colombia

Eupackardia calleta U.S.A., male and female

Goodia lunata Gabon

Hyalophora columbia Maritimes and Canadian/U.S. border states: Wisconsin East, male and several instars

Imbrasia belina, Namibia, female and larvae

Ithomisa kinkelini Argentina, male

Leucanella janeira female and fifth instar larva, Parana, Brazil.

Leucanella nyctimene Colombia, male, female and larvae

Lobobunaea acetes male, female and fifth instar larva, La Lope National Park, Ogooue-Ivindo, Gabon

Lobobunaea goodii, male, female, in copula, larva, Gabon
Lobobunaea phaedusa, male, female (verso), larva, Gabon
Loepa katinka, South East Asia, female and larva

Molippa latemedia Bolivia to Colombia, male, female and larva

Nudaurelia amathusia Gabon

Orthogonioptilum arnoldi/neoprox, Gabon

Otherene verana, Mexico, male and larva

Periphoba nigra Ecuador, female and larva
Periphoba tarapoto Peru, female
Periphoba tarapoto Bolivia-Peru, male and larva

Pseudautomeris irene Ecuador to Colombia and Venezuela and the south of Central America (up to Costa Rica), male, female and larva

Pseudodirphia eumedidoides Peru, male, female and larva

Rothschildia aurota all the Amazonian Basin, male and larva
Rothschildia aurota, Venezuela, female
Rothschildia jacobaeae, Argentina, male and larva
Rothschildia jorulloides Peru, male and larva
Rothschildia lebeau inca Peru - Nicaragua, male, female and larva
Rothschildia orizaba triloba, Costa Rica, male, female and larva
Rothschildia schreiteriana, Argentina Rica, male, female and larva

Samia canningi Asia, male, female and larva
Samia cynthia ricini, northern Italy, male and larva

Saturnia pavonia, France, Bretagne region, males, female and larva
Saturnia pyri, male, female and larva, France
Saturnia walterorum male and female.

Syssphinx molina South America, larva

Syssphinx molina male and larva, Embrapa Forest Reserve, Moju, Para, Brazil.

The electronic images on this site are provided by Thibaud Decaens. This page and website are brought to you by Bill Oehlke and the World's Largest Saturniidae Site which features the images of Thibaud Decaens and many other worldwide photographers. Over 1500 worldwide Saturniidae species are now (May 2012) depicted on WLSS.

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"On Top of the World"

l. to r.: Diego Bonilla (Insectos de Colombia), Julian Salazar (University of Manizales, Colombia) and Thibaud DecaŽns (University of Rouen, France).
Photo taken at San Josť del Palmar (Colombia, Choco, Colombia, 1500m, August 2002).

"Friend and Family"

Thibaud DecaŽns and Diego Bonilla, plus Thibaud's wife Betzy and children, Rafael and Luis,
photo taken at the National Park of Iguaque (Boyaca, Colombia, 2700m, July 2002).

"Mouth-closing High Adventure!"

Thibaud DecaŽns collecting specimens under an heavy rain at San Josť del Palmar
(Choco, Colombia, 1500m, August 2002). You're making us jealous, Thibaud!

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